Author: Anna Wiggins

Eight Lies Women Believe in the College Years

In every stage of life, there are lies Satan tries to impress upon our hearts. After all, He’s a master deceiver, and we, apart from walking with the Holy Spirit and remaining in the Word of God, are easily deceived. Here are eight lies I found many of my fellow college friends believing. Going to college is a must for everyone right out of high school. You might have grown up in college prep home where college attendance immediately after high school is expected of you. Just because you don’t fit into that mold doesn’t mean something is wrong...

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Seven Questions about Books, Life, and Ministry with Anna Wiggins

Let’s start out by telling our readers a little about you. (Current ministry context, family, joys in life, etc.) I am originally from Augusta Georgia. I came to the Chattanooga area when I came to attend Covenant College where I graduated from. I am recently married to my husband, Glenn. I think my job is my biggest ministry. I teach math at a middle school located in a very rural poor area of north Georgia. Most of my students are living at or below the poverty line. My mission as a teacher is to share the love of Christ...

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Two Open Letters to My Fellow Millennials About their Parents

As a middle school math teacher, I have heard many groans from teenagers about their parents. I’ve also heard a growing number of complaints from millennials, my peers, lamenting the shortcomings of their parents. Their stories primarily fall into two general categories: those who parents profoundly sinned against their children, and those whose parents are profoundly annoying. I have written an open letter to each one. I pray they are both helpful. To the adult child whose parents wronged, abused or abandoned you: I’ve heard you say, “I hate my parents.” The brokenness in this world filters right down...

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