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William Ames – Of the Application of Christ

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So much of Redemption: The application of the same Redemption follows.

1. This Application is that by which all those things which Christ has done, and does as Mediator, are made actually effectual in some certain Men.

2. This application by a special appropriation is attributed to the Holy Spirit. 1Cor 12.13, By one Spirit we are all baptised into one body. Yet it depends, 1. Upon the Decree and donation of the Father, whereby he has given some certain men to Christ to be redeemed and saved. Joh 6.36, This is the will of my Father, that of those he has given me, I should lose nothing; for all those and only those whom the Father has given to Christ, come to him, Joh 6.37.381 2. Upon the Intention of Christ, whereby he has determined his satisfaction for the good of those whom he has appointed to him by his Father. Joh 17.9, 11, 12, 19, I pray for those whom you have given me, because they are yours. 3. Upon the Acceptance of the Father, whereby he accepts and ratifies that satisfaction for the reconciliation and salvation of those same persons. 2Cor 5.19, Namely, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself, not imputing their sins to them.

3. This transaction between God and Christ was a certain foregoing application of our redemption and deliverance to our surety, and to us in him; as to finishing that secondary application in us, this respects an effectual example; so as that is a representation of this, and this is brought forth by virtue of that. [This is explained further in the next paragraph.]

4. Hence our deliverance from sin and death was not only determined in the decree of God, but also granted and communicated to Christ, and to us in him, before it is received by us. Rom 5.10-11, We were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, by whom we have now received a reconciliation.

5. Hence, both the Father and the Son are said to send the Spirit to perform this application. Joh 14.16; 16.7. The Father shall give you an advocate; I will send him to you.

6. Hence, every good giving, and every perfect good, is said to descend from above, from the Father, Jas 1.17. All saving things are said to be communicated to us in Christ, as the head — for Christ obtained it by his merit, and through Christ it is effectually applied to us, Eph 1.3, 5, 11.

7. Hence also, Application is the end and the effect of impetration.383 But seeing that the end is intended by God the Father and Christ, it has a certain connexion with impetration as with its means. For if the redemption of Christ were an uncertain event, then the Father would appoint the Son to death, and the Son would also undergo it, being yet uncertain whether anyone would be saved by it or not; then also, all the fruit of this mystery would depend on the free will of men.

8. Hence Application is altogether of the same latitude as Redemption itself; that is, the redemption of Christ is applied to all and only those for whom it was obtained by the intention of Christ and the Father; yet for their sakes, the same temporal benefits of Christ redound to others also.

9. And in this sense, namely in respect to the intention of Application, it is rightly said that Christ satisfied only for those who are saved by him. Although in respect to that sufficiency which is in the mediation of Christ, it may also be rightly said that Christ satisfied for all, or everyone; and because those counsels of God are hidden from us, it is agreeable to charity to judge very well of everyone, even though we may not pronounce, concerning all together collectively, that Christ equally pleaded their cause before God.

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