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Weekly Dose of Apologetics – 9-15 Jul 2017

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Denny Burk – Standing Against a Destructive Misogyny Threatening our Children

“The sexual revolution promised us more sex and more pleasure. It has actually delivered to us a generation of men who think of women as objects to be used and abused for their sexual pleasure. It has not given us men who know what virtue and honor are. It doesn’t teach men to pursue their joy in self-sacrificially loving and being sexually faithful to one woman for life. It teaches young men to use women for sex and then to discard them when they become unwilling or uninteresting. This means that it has given us a generation of young men completely unprepared for marriage and for fatherhood. And if you lose marriage and fatherhood, you lose your civilization. We have sown to the wind, and our children are reaping the whirlwind—not least our daughters, who are less likely than ever to find a man who hasn’t been corrupted by this.”

Sinclair Ferguson – Alienation from God

“We are warped and twisted in our alienation from God. The gospel tells us that Jesus Christ came to replace that alienation with reconciliation.”

Matthew Harmon – You Don’t Need a Degree to Read (and Understand) the Bible

Tim Challies – The Damning Devastation of a Single Coddled Sin

“We who are Christians have no right to allow any sin to persist. We must go hard after every sin and to pursue each one until it has been completely crushed, for even one sin left alone is enough to do terrible damage to our souls.”

Michael Boling – Avoid Lashon Hara (Evil Tongue)

“Lashon hara (evil tongue) should never be part of the daily walk of a child of God. For starters, He commands us to never treat Him that way and furthermore, we are to love God and love others. Love can be stern and corrective; however, love never involves lashon hara. Evil tongue is a hallmark of the wicked. Tearing down and destroying one another with our tongue is the complete opposite of how the body of Messiah is to operate.”


John Piper – Husband, Lift Up Your Eyes: Letter to a Would-Be Adulterer

“Sexual sin and spectacular satisfaction are utterly at odds. As Jesus put it, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” (Matthew 5:8).”


Carl Trueman – The Marcions Have Landed: A Warning for Evangelicals

“As the OT is the context for the NT, so the neglect of OT leaves the NT as more or less meaningless. As our reading, our sermons, and our times of corporate worship neglect and, sometimes, simply ignore the OT, we can expect a general impoverishment of church life and, finally, a total collapse of evangelical Christendom.”

Paul Tripp & Kevin Peck – Adoption, the Gospel, and Parenting

Servants of Grace continues to work through two new studies:

Navigating Relationships

Psalms: The Gospel and the Christian Life


Don Batten and Warren Nunn – Did Humans Evolve From Apes?

“So, ‘Did humans evolve from apes’ is really part of the bigger question, ‘Did humans and apes, and everything else, evolve?

The answer is no, nothing ‘evolved’ in the sense that Darwin proposed through naturalistic, unguided processes. Instead, God created everything (including Adam and Eve) in six, 24-hour days and it was very good, as we are told in Genesis 1:31.”

Dr. David Menton – If We Resemble Apes, Does That Mean We Evolved from Apes?

“Convergent evolution is the unobserved and unexplained process whereby two very different animals independently evolve into two very similar animals by an incredible run of countless lucky mutational coincidences extending over tens of millions of years! It seems that some folks will believe almost anything, as long as it doesn’t appear in the Bible.”

Ken Ham and Dr. David Menton – Why Is the Scopes Trial Significant?

“We need to provide Bible-based answers to the questions the world asks about the Christian faith (Who was Cain’s wife? Isn’t the earth millions of years old? Weren’t the days in Genesis 1 long periods of time?). As we do this, people will begin to see that they can trust the Bible when it speaks of “earthly” things, and thus, when it speaks of “heavenly” things (salvation, absolute moral standards, etc.), as Jesus teaches in John 3:12.”

Oldies but Goodies

Charles Spurgeon – The Man Christ Jesus

“When you consider how great this man is, it seems to me that to be a fool for his sake is the highest wisdom, and that to cling to what he says is the best philosophy, and to believe him, and none beside is not alone a duty but a necessity of every Christian spirit.”

Charles Spurgeon – Immeasurable Love

“O man, if thou wilt believe in Jesus as the Christ, however horrible thy past sins have been they shall be blotted out; thou shalt be saved from the power of thine evil habits; and thou shalt begin again like a child newborn, with a new and true life, which God shall give thee.”

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