Current Issues

Joe Carter – Basic Bioethics: Why Christians Should Care about Bioethics

“Some of the most contentious and disputed issues of our day are matters of bioethics, an interdisciplinary field that addresses what we should and should not pursue in matters of life and health. These issues touch on the very core of our humanity: dignity and worth, sickness and health, life and death. Yet the harsh reality is that while bioethical concerns are increasingly confronting us in the media, in the public square and in our personal lives, few people grasp the science involved in the “bio,” or the moral dilemmas involved in the “ethics” of bioethics.”

Bible Study/Preaching/Family Issues/Apologetics

R. C. Sproul – What Do Expiation and Propitiation Mean?

“We need to be very careful in how we understand the wrath of God, but let me remind you that the concept of placating the wrath of God has to do here not with a peripheral, tangential point of theology, but with the essence of salvation.”

Erik Raymond – Why I Believe the Bible

“The effects of sin are pervasive and persistent. However, God can and does use his powerful Word to bring us to faith in him. It is this Word that we must be ready to share and even defend with others.”

Dr. Miles Van Pelt – How Can a Christian Use the Imprecatory Psalms?

Michael Boling – Four Ways To Think on What is Pure, Lovely, Commendable, Excellent, and Worthy of Praise

“By devoting yourself to the Word of God, living a life of prayer, and connecting with godly people within the body of Christ, we can begin to see the Holy Spirit work in our lives, ripping out that cantankerous old man and replacing it with a passion for truth. The new self is not a mask. It is a lifestyle that reveals a life devoted to God.”

Tony Reinke – 10 Things You Should Know about Your Smartphone

“When we use our smartphones rightly, their shining screens radiate with the treasure of God’s glory in Christ, and in that glory-glow, we get a sneak peek into a greater age to come.”

David McLemore – Sharing the Gospel at Work

“We must be people of deep and pervasive prayer, we must be people committed to productivity, and we must do both things to build a platform from which to speak.”

Trevin Wax – The Beauty of Spiritual Struggle

“We shouldn’t expect to feel the “runner’s high” all the time while we run the race. The spiritual life will often feel difficult. But we run with joy because the Spirit is working in and through us, and running is the sign that we are in the race.”


Bodie Hodge – About 6,000 Years or 10,000 Years: Does It Matter?

“When you leave open the possibility for the earth to be 10,000 years old, you are suggesting that God erred in numerous places in the Bible. My humble suggestion is to be more precise based on the biblical data that is given.”

John UpChurch – In Living Color Experiment

“Your eye’s complex ability to see color and motion points to the Creator. Even its limitations reveal His purposeful design.”

Tom Hennigan – Talking Trees: Secrets of Plant Communication

“All forest ecologists see the amazing relationships and interconnections within the forest. As a result, some have called the forest-and-earth biosphere a living organism. But we know from Scripture that a loving Creator is behind them. Christ the Word has filled His creation with organisms that communicate with chemicals, sounds, and electrical impulses. The recipient is designed to listen and respond in kind. What an amazing reminder that God desires to communicate with us, and He expects us to respond to His Word and help one another, too.”

Oldies but Goodies

John Bunyan – Exhortation to Peace and Unity

“By the unity of the Spirit, then, we are to understand that unity of mind which the Spirit of God calls for, and requires Christians to endeavor after; hence it is that we are exhorted by ‘one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel’ (Phil 1:27). ”

A. W. Pink – Gleanings in Joshua

“The book of Joshua not only exhibits the sovereign grace of God, His covenant-faithfulness, His mighty power put forth on behalf of His people, but it also reveals what was required from them in the discharge of their responsibility: formidable obstacles had to be surmounted, a protracted warfare had to be engaged in, fierce foes overcome, before they entered into the actual enjoyment of the land.”

Charles Spurgeon – God’s Claim Upon Your Attention

“Act not as if the Lord and His truth were nothing to you. Treat not the Word of the Lord as a secondary thing, which might wait thy leisure and receive attention when no other work was before thee: put all else aside, but hearken to thy God.”