Posted On February 11, 2017

Current Events

Aaron Judkins – Hebrew University Archaeologists Find 12th Dead Sea Scrolls Cave

“Hebrew University archaeologist Dr. Oren Gutfeld: “This is one of the most exciting archaeological discoveries, and the most important in the last 60 years, in the caves of Qumran.”

Will Pakistani Christians Be Protected From Lynchings, Forced Conversions Under New Law?

“A new bill passed by the Pakistani Parliament earlier this week seeks to protect religious minorities, including Christians, from being killed in mob lynchings or endure forced conversions to Islam and forced marriages to Muslim husbands.”

Bible Study/Preaching/Family Issues/Apologetics

Chris Bruno – 10 Things You Should Know about Biblical Theology

“While both systematic and historical theology are important ways to study theology, biblical theology is a different and complementary theological discipline.”

Joel Beeke – Marital Love Must Be Sexual

“Thus the Puritans emphasized that marital love, in addition to being spiritual love, must also be sexual love. In this way, they embraced God’s gift of marriage as the superlative or highest form of human love known on earth. Though the Puritans honored the sexuality of marriage, they did not reduce marriage to sex. Rather, they maintained a view of marital love as broad as life itself. Marital love must fill every room of the home and spill out into the world.”

Nick Batzig – Teachability

“Teachability sweetly complies with thoughtful convictions and opinions. True teachability is actually one of the rarest of qualities in the hearts and lives of people.”

Clint Archer – Ant-Farm Rebellion: What God thinks of Protests Against His Rule

“He is the King of Kings, and all rebellion is futile and foolish, puny and pathetic. For those not yet submitting to God’s reign, it is my hope that today you will cease from the ineffective animosity of an ant-farm rebellion, and make peace with your Maker through Jesus Christ.”

Michael Boling – Commentary on the Kinsman Redeemer Theme in Ruth

“Through the line of David came the Messiah, our true Kinsman-Redeemer, Yeshua. This idea of redemption flows throughout Scripture and the hesed demonstrated by YHVH through Bo’az in the Book of Ruth is just another stop along the way of the scarlet thread of redemption that ultimately reveals itself in the most powerful way at the cross of Yeshua. We have redemption from the complete disaster that is sin and death. We have an eternal future and hope through the work of Yeshua on the cross. The issues faced by Na’omi and Ruth, namely the lack of a future and a hope, are a small microcosm of the issues sinful humanity faces without Yeshua, the kinsman-redeemer.”

Tim Challies – God Hates Evil Thoughts

“What fills our minds and forms our dreams tells us who we really are, what we really long for, whom we really serve. Evil thoughts and evil desires reveal a deep captivity to sin and evil. This should concern us, for God assures us he has a deep loathing for evil thoughts. He has a deep loathing for those who think evil thoughts.”

Darren Carlson – Foster Care as the Way of Christ

“There will always be orphans. There will always be foster kids. You can’t save all of them, but you might be able to provide a stable environment for one or two to heal and flourish. And in that context, you can bring the gospel to a broken family, a broken foster care system, a broken child. And in the process, God will remind you daily that you need a Savior as desperately as the child you hold and rock at night, who is trying to overcome the drug addiction handed down by his mother.”

Servants of Grace is continuing to work through Galatians. Check out what posted this past week:

Dave Jenkins – Why Christianity is so Offensive

Dave Jenkins – Liberty Without License

Dave Jenkins – How to Grow Good Spiritual Fruit

As a reminder, the latest issue of Theology for Life has been released. It is the largest issue to date. The subject matter is the important and often overlooked Doctrine of God. View or download it for free here.


John Hartnett – Why Look for a New Theory of Gravity if the Big Bang cosmology is Correct?

“The universe needs a First Cause, a Creator, and that just will not do for the unbelieving world.”

Philip Bell – Standard Snake Evolution Story Stymied by Spate of Fossil Discoveries

“Evolutionary paleontologists will continue to seek fossils which definitively answer the conundrum of snake origins. The snake fossil record still says no to evolution! From a creationist perspective, the four oldest fossils are likely the remains of the types of snakes we would readily recognize in today’s world.”

Jeffrey Tomkins – Debunking the Debunkers: A Response to Criticism and Obfuscation Regarding Refutation of the Human Chromosome 2 Fusion

This is a technical and excellent response to the continued attempt by evolutionists to prove “monkey man evolution” via genetics.

Oldies but Goodies

Richard Baxter – Directions for Profitable Hearing and Reading

This is a helpful booklet from Richard Baxter on methods by which we can better hear and read Scripture.

James Bardwood – Heart’s Ease in Heart Trouble

“The lively acting of true faith upon God in Christ, it is the best preventive of and remedy against heart trouble under the greatest loss whatsoever.”

Thomas Watson – The Worst Things

“It is one heart-quieting consideration in all the afflictions which befall us—that God has a special hand in them: “The Almighty has afflicted me” (Ruth 1:21). Instruments can no more stir until God gives them a commission, than the axe can cut, by itself, without a hand.”

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