Weekly Dose of Apologetics – 4-10 Jun 2017

Posted On June 10, 2017


Tom Ascol – Give Them Law and Gospel

“What God requires in His law, He provides in His gospel. That is the message of the Bible and it is what everyone needs to hear and believe. The earlier children are taught this the better off they will be. God’s truth is a powerful instrument in the hands of His Spirit. By it the Spirit brings conviction through God’s commandments and salvation through His Son.”

Jaquelle Crowe – Ashamed of My Body: Six Truths for Struggling Teens

“Following Christ does not exempt teens from body shame. I wish. I desperately wish. But it does equip us with gospel truths to combat the lies, peer pressure, and temptations we face.”

Ryan Reeves – Why Do We Lie?

Ryan Reeves digs in to the reasons why we are so prone to lie.

Matthew Harmon – 4 Questions You Should Ask When Reading the Bible

“Remember, the ultimate goal of reading the Bible is to have our lives transformed by God so we resemble our Lord Jesus. Asking these four simple questions focuses our attention on the main message of the Bible and prepares us to apply biblical truths to our lives in meaningful ways.”

Mike Leake – How Our Unbiblical Views of Forgiveness Perpetuate Our Social Media Outrage

“Settling for apologies and unconditional forgiveness traps us in a cycle of non-resolution. The offending party is not given the opportunity to actually pursue repentance and redemption in Jesus. And the offended party is not given the opportunity to actually forgive and pursue healing and full reconciliation.”

Michael Boling – What To Do When Your Reading Plan Goes Awry

“The bottom line is do not let the daily grind that impacts us all and the reality that at some point, even the best laid reading plans will take a hit, cause you to quit pursuing such a worthy and important goal, especially when it comes to spending time in Scripture. Keep at it and be persistent.”

Tom Clewer – Teaching Doctrine to Goldfish

“During an age in which goldfish have a longer attention span than people we must teach biblical theology in order to elevate the gaze of God’s people to that which is infinitely more worthy than all the distractions of the goldfish bowl of life. It is the truth of Scripture alone that will lead to a deeper knowledge of God and will fix our gaze upon the God of boundless grace and unparalleled glory.”

Tony Reinke – Prisoners of Self: Incessant Autobiography in the Smartphone Age

“Whether we find ourselves addicted to global travel or addicted to scouring the worldwide web, we need Christ to sever the narcissism of our hearts, to protect us from the poison of relentless self-focus, and to free us from the awe-killing prison of our own “incessant autobiography.” We were made to be rooted, and to be rooted, to find awe and wonder outside of ourselves.”

Servants of Grace is walking through a study of 1 Timothy:

Michael Boling – Sound Doctrine and True Contentment

Rick Hanna – Charge to Timothy to the Glory of God

Dave Jenkins – The Ultimate Investment


Philip Bell – Resurrecting a ‘Prehistoric’ Horse

“The ‘prehistoric’ label reinforces the idea that many types of creatures lived and died before mankind came on the scene. But starting with the real history in Genesis, we can be sure that the beginning of earth history was also the beginning of human history, so there has never been an era of prehistory in that sense!”

Michael Oard – Tall Molars Did Not Evolve From Eating Grass

“The hypothesis of evolution often requires ‘just so stories’ to explain difficulties when interpreting fossils, radiometric dating, or paleoenvironments. In the biological sciences in particular, recourse is often had to the assumption that non-existent genetic information will somehow be created in response to a perceived environmental need.”

Simon Turpin – The Creation of Adam: Unique Revelation or Ancient Myth?

“Many evangelical scholars today are unnecessarily dependent on ANE literature to interpret Genesis 1–2. While the worldview of the ANE can inform the background to our understanding of the Bible, it should not dictate its meaning.”

Oldies but Goodies

Thomas Brooks – Are We Mad Now to Pursue after Holiness?

“Afflictions and persecutions will discover what metal men are made of. All is not gold that glisters: many there be that glister, and look like golden Christians, but when they come to the fire, they prove but dross: he is a golden Christian indeed, who remains gold when under fiery trials.”

Jeremiah Burroughs – Disciples of Christ Must Expect Persecution

“Now the saints that are blessed, they labor to be so far from suffering for evil-doing that they would rather suffer all the evil in the world than do the least.”

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