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Weekly Dose of Apologetics – 4-10 December 2016

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Current Events

5 Facts About International Human Rights

It is Human Rights Day and Joe Carter shares some facts about international human rights.

Ken Ham Decries Secular ‘Witch Hunt’ Against ‘Fixer Upper’ Christian Couple Chip and Joanna Gaines

I agree with Ken Ham on this one.

Bible Study/Preaching/Family Issues/Apologetics

Geoffrey Kirkland – Husband: Pray for Your Wife!

“Just as your Savior intercedes for you out of fervent love, so you can intercede on behalf of your bride before the Father with a heart overflowing in love.”

R. C. Sproul – Don’t Boast in Human Achievement

“Every attempt of man to build his own ultimate city and kingdom will end in chaos. Any success we enjoy will be short-lived, for the Lord will bring into judgment every hidden thing, every secret thought (Eccl. 12:14). Nothing built for the glory of man will survive His scrutiny. But what is done for God’s glory will endure forever.”

Marshall Segal – Don’t Go to Bed with Your Anger

“Don’t go to bed with your anger. It will harm you, not heal you. It will betray you, not vindicate you. And it will not produce the justice or reconciliation you need. Clothe yourself, instead, with the awesome power of patience and forgiveness. “Whoever is slow to anger” — and quick to surrender it before bedtime — “is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city” (Proverbs 16:32).”

Andrew Naselli – Seven Reasons You Should Not Indulge in Pornography

“You should not indulge in pornography for at least seven reasons: (1) It will send you to hell. (2) It does not glorify God with your body. (3) It is a poisonous, fleeting pleasure. (4) It foolishly wastes your life. (5) It betrays your wife and children. (6) It ruins your mind and conscience. (7) It participates in sex slavery.”

Michael Boling – Doctor Strange and Psalm 101:3

“Ultimately, we must be obedient to what God defines as righteous and we must not set our eyes upon what He defines as evil, no matter how entertaining or cute the package in which it is wrapped.”

Jason DeRouchie – If Your Right Hand Causes You to Sin

“Sexual intimacy within marriage is a beautiful gift from God. It’s an outlet for play and passion, and it nurtures closeness with your spouse, supplying a unique context for giving and receiving love. But as with all God’s good gifts (1 Timothy 4:4), the devil seeks “to steal and kill and destroy” (John 10:10). His perversions are deeply grieving, and the scars can be lasting.”

Scott Slayton – You Need to Fire Life Coach Jesus

“We don’t find greatness by asking Jesus to come alongside and help us fulfill our dreams so that we can make much our ourselves. We discover true greatness when we treasure Jesus above all else and follow him in serving others for the glory of his great name. In doing so you will find that the greatness you have desired wasn’t that great after all.”


Dominic Statham – Evolutionising the Young

“Secularists are determined to steal the minds and hearts of our children. Initially, they sought to indoctrinate through the media and the universities. They then progressed to secondary schools. Now they want our kids from their earliest years.”

Dr. Jake Hebert, Dr. Andrew A. Snelling, and Dr. Timothy Clarey – Do Varves, Tree-Rings, and Radiocarbon Measurements Prove an Old Earth?

“Given the many errors in their 2010 article which is still posted on the BioLogos website, it grieves us that Davidson and Wolgemuth have been using such fallacious arguments for so many years in an attempt to dissuade Christians from believing the straightforward and trustworthy history contained in their Bibles, a history authored by the Creator Himself.”

Dr. Andrew Fabich – How Did Infectious Diseases Get on the Ark?

“The irony of pointing out apparent problems with certain diseases coming on the Ark is simultaneously a dismissal of God’s judgement of sin by the Flood and by His ultimate judgement of sin on the Cross. The sad part to this is that some people even go so far as to suggest that we don’t teach children about the reason for the judgment of the world—that sin is disgusting and unattractive before a holy God.”

Oldies but Goodies

John Calvin – There Is No Such Thing As Chance

“That this distinction may be the more manifest, we must consider that the Providence of God, as taught in Scripture, is opposed to fortune and fortuitous causes.”

Thomas Brooks – A Hypocrite Never Embraces a Whole Christ

“A hypocrite is all for a saving Christ, for a sin-pardoning Christ, for a soul-glorifying Christ, but regards not a ruling Christ, a reigning Christ, a commanding Christ, a sanctifying Christ, and this at last will prove his damning sin.”

Ezekiel Hopkins – Dangers of Not Mortifying Sin

“Now reflect upon yourselves, you who have indulged any sin: hath it not by degrees eaten out the spirituality of your hearts, and weakened the life and vigor of your communion? Hath it not made you dead, cold, and indifferent unto the things and ways of God? Have you not beheld God as it were at a great distance and cared not for a nearer converse with Him? Is it not high time, think you, that this lust, which hath thus divided between God and your souls, should now at length be mortified; and, this make-bait being once removed, that you again should renew the nearness of your acquaintance with Him? Otherwise, let me tell you, it is sadly to be feared, lest this estrangement grow into a woeful apostasy and end in a fearful perdition.”

John Flavel – The Nature of Mortification

“There is nothing in this world that a gracious heart more vehemently desires and longs for than the death of sin and perfect deliverance from it (Rom 7:24). The sincerity of [such] desires doth accordingly manifest itself in the daily application of all God’s remedies.”

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