Erik Raymond – Am I Sinning When I’m Not Content?

Jon Bloom – Judge Not? What the Bible Really Says About Love

“It’s not wrong to lovingly help our brother remove a harmful speck from his eye. It’s wrong to self-righteously point out a speck in our brother’s eye when we ignore, as no big deal, the ridiculous log protruding from our own.”

Marshall Segal – Kill Pride Before It Kills You

“True humility does not refuse affirmation. It refuses to keep it for ourselves.”

Matthew Holst – A New Frame of Mind

“If our mental diet consists predominantly of the world and its allurements, don’t be surprised when we start thinking and living like the world. The effects, no doubt, will be devastating. If, however, we allow the word of God to shape our minds, even when devastating providences accompany our lives, we will be standing safely on good and holy ground.”

Jonathan Thomas – Are You Mature?

“Growing up is a funny thing. Every time I think I have grown up, I realise there is more growing to do. That is the reality of Christian maturity. We are mature in Christ but there is always more maturing to do. And who wouldn’t want to be more mature when it is all about going deeper into Christ and becoming more like Him?”

Eric Davis – Loathing Sin & Grabbing for God’s Glory

“The Spirit’s revealing and conviction of our sin, so far from threatening our standing with God, is confirmation of right standing with him: we could never experience holy loathing of our inner sin apart from the loving nearness of the Holy Spirit. It is confirmation because as the Spirit exposes sin’s sinister slithering into our motives, the glory of Christ is seen as beautiful as he is. In fact, we cannot love and cherish him if we are not experiencing the Spirit’s ever-deepening exposure of our sin. Hearing and seeing our sin is a sacred element of our care as children under our Father.

Robert Smith – Belting Out the Blues as Believers: The Importance of Singing Lament

“The practice of singing lament, then, is one divinely appointed way of uniting God’s people in seasons of sorrow “so that with one mind and one voice [we] may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Rom 15:6).”


John Hartnett – Noah’s Ark and Salvation

“The Bible is very clear in 1 Peter 3:20–21. We don’t preach a localized Christ. Just as the Flood represented the judgment of God on the whole world, so salvation is now for all those everywhere who repent.”

Dominic Statham – The Age of the Earth and Why it Matters

“The age of the earth is not a side issue as the glory of God and the authority of the Bible are at stake. Scripture clearly teaches a recent creation and this view is not in conflict with science. Christians can stand on these on these truths and confidently proclaim the true Gospel of Christ.”

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson and Jeffrey Tomkins – Genetics Confirms the Recent, Supernatural Creation of Adam and Eve

“Combined with a careful reading of the rest of Scripture, this narrative places the creation date of Adam and Eve approximately 6,000 years ago and places another population bottleneck about 4,500 years ago at the time of the Flood. This scriptural framework leads to very specific expectations about the genetic differences among humans and other species, expectations that can be scientifically tested against modern genetic data.”

Dr. Terry Mortenson – The Religion of Naturalism

“The crux is naturalism versus biblical teaching. Genesis just as clearly teaches when and how God created as it teaches that He created.”

Oldies but Goodies

A. W. Pink – The Scriptures and God

“The more our souls are drawn out in true worship, the more we are found thanking and praising our great God, the clearer evidence we give that our study of His Word is profiting us.”

A. W. Pink – Faith as a Shield

“There is a sacred art in being able to handle the shield of faith, and that are consists of having God’s Word stored in our hearts, and then drawing promptly upon the same in the hour of need.”

J. I. Packer – Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility

“In effect, therefore, what we do every time we pray is to confess our own impotence and God’s sovereignty. The very fact that a Christian prays is thus proof positive that he believes in the Lordship of his God.”