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Weekly Dose of Apologetics – 29 January – 4 February 2017

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Current Events

Joe Carter – Explainer: What you should know about Judge Neil Gorsuch

“President Donald Trump has announced his nominee to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Here is what you should know about the latest nominee for associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.”

Christian Purity Flyers Banned by Indiana School District After Atheists Complain

“An Indiana school district has banned the distribution of flyers from a local Christian group after the nation’s largest atheist organization demanded that schools stop “promoting” the girls’ club.”

Bible Study/Preaching/Family Issues/Apologetics

Darren Carlson – Foster Care as the Way of Christ

“There will always be orphans. There will always be foster kids. You can’t save all of them, but you might be able to provide a stable environment for one or two to heal and flourish. And in that context, you can bring the gospel to a broken family, a broken foster care system, a broken child. And in the process, God will remind you daily that you need a Savior as desperately as the child you hold and rock at night, who is trying to overcome the drug addiction handed down by his mother.”

Jaquelle Crowe – 7 Tips for Sharing the Gospel with Teens

“All Christians are commanded to share the gospel—including us young ones (Mark 16:15). The gospel is too big and too good not to share, and teenagers need this gospel. So equip your teens to reach other teens with that good news, and watch God save my generation.”

Lita Cosner – Celebrating Gender Confusion

“The ‘transgender’ person’s biggest problem is not that he or she is confused about how gender identity relates to biological sex, but that his or her rebellion against the Creator (which manifests itself in all sorts of ways, not only gender confusion), will result in eternal condemnation apart from finding forgiveness through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Scripture teaches that through the power of the Holy Spirit we can overcome the wayward tendencies that we all have to one degree or another, becoming ‘new creations’ in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17).”

Mike Ratliff – What are Destructive Heresies?

“Those who love their own version of the truth more than God’s truth are using their ‘thinkology’ which is corrupt because it has as its foundation nothing more than humanistic philosophy. On the other hand, those whom God has drawn into His light by His grace are led to believe the truth from a completely different foundation. This foundation is not humanistic philosophy, but instead is God’s Word.”

Joel Beeke – Marital Love Must Be Superlative

“Superlative love requires a steady effort to be pleasing to each other. According to Whateley, this “pleasingness” is “a disposition of the will and earnest desire of the heart to give all content [satisfaction] to each other, so far as they may possibly do it, without sinning against God” (A Bride Bush, 54). If husband and wife perform this duty, which 1 Corinthians 7:33–34 commends, with all diligence and faithfulness, then they will experience a great harvest of blessings to the whole family.”

Michael Boling – Exposition of Ruth 2:17-23

“This section of Ruth, although short and arguably not as full of action as previous portions of this book, is nevertheless an important transition in the story. The kindness expressed towards Ruth and in turn Na’omi has things looking up for these two widows. Add to that the reality of Bo’az being one of the possible kinsman redeemers and we have yet again a movement towards the theme of redemption found throughout this book with that theme continually moving towards the stories ultimate climax and conclusion.”

Servants of Grace is continuing to work through Galatians. Check out what posted this past week:

Dave Jenkins – From Slavery to Sonship

Stacey Patrick – The Testimony of Affliction

Dave Jenkins – Two Mothers, Two Sons, Two Covenants

Zach Barnhart – Justification and Freedom

As a reminder, the latest issue of Theology for Life has been released. It is the largest issue to date. The subject matter is the important and often overlooked Doctrine of God. View or download it for free here.


Gary Bates – Patriarchs of the Forest

“The dilemma for long-age believers, who scoff at the Bible’s account of a global Flood, is this: if there are trees around that can last that long, why not longer? Why are there none growing today which are, say, 7, 8 or 9 thousand years old by straight-forward tree-ring counting?

This is no mystery to the Bible believer, as it is firm evidence consistent with God’s Word. The Bible’s record of a global Flood is true and can be trusted.”

Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell – Liquid Droplets Begat Life?

“Despite the fond hopes of the evolutionary biophysicists who trumpet this latest tale in the abiogenesis story, the liquid-droplet origin of life just does not hold water. If we want to know how biological life began, we must look to the only living source of information around at the time of life’s origins. And that was the Creator God, who alone could create life from lifelessness. God alone could infuse all the living things He created with the information to follow His command—echoed repeatedly in the Genesis account of the six days of creation—to reproduce after their kinds.”

Tim Challies – Is Genesis History?

Tim Challies shares about an exciting new film. The trailer is provided below:

Oldies but Goodies

Horatius Bonar – The Cure for Unbelief

“We must take men from general discoursing about Christ, to Christ Himself — to His life as the model of theirs.”

Louis Berkhof – The Cause and Necessity of the Atonement

“The great and central part of the priestly work of Christ lies in the atonement, but this, of course, is not complete without the intercession. His sacrificial work on earth calls for His service in the heavenly sanctuary. The two are complementary parts of the priestly task of the Saviour.”

William Cunningham – Doctrine of the Atonement

“If Christ really was God and man in one person, we may expect to find, in the object thus presented to our contemplation, much that is mysterious— much that we cannot fully comprehend; while we should also be stirred up to examine with the utmost care everything that has been revealed to us regarding it, assured that it must possess no ordinary interest and importance.”

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