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Weekly Dose of Apologetics – 26 February – 4 March 2017

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Current Events

Ken Ham and Avery Foley – Is It Time to Kiss Disney Goodbye?

“Disney is putting homosexuality into children’s shows and movies, like Beauty and the Beast, to indoctrinate children into celebrating and seeing homosexuality as normal. But, in fact, it is sinful and goes against God’s design for marriage and sexuality (Genesis 1:27; Romans 1: 24–27; 1 Corinthians 6:9). Christian parents can use this situation to discuss, in an age appropriate way, biblical sexuality and marriage, affirming that God designed marriage to be between one man and one woman for life and that sex is God’s gift to married (and only married!) couples.”

Bible Study/Preaching/Family Issues/Apologetics

Mike Ratliff – Thinking from a Transformed Perspective

“Philippians 4:8 is one of the most profound statements in the New Testament. This is part of the Apostle Paul’s closing statements to the church at Philippi. His epistle to the Philippians is a wonderful letter, full of encouragement and deep spiritual truth about how to live this Christian life no matter what fiery trials we are going through. In chapter 4 v8 we come upon this profound statement and we stop. We ask if this is even possible for us. How can we do this since we must live in this life in which we are pulled in every direction and so must find the time for such things.”

Albert Mohler – Expository Preaching: The Antidote to Anemic Worship

“The anemia of evangelical worship — all the music and energy aside — is directly attributable to the absence of genuine expository preaching. Such preaching would confront the congregation with nothing less than the living and active word of God. That confrontation will shape the congregation as the Holy Spirit accompanies the word, opens eyes, and applies that word to human hearts.”

Nathan Bingham – Pixels Are People

“In light of its potentially destructive power, why would any Christian use social media? The short answer is because the Lord is sovereign and pixels are people. There are more than three billion Internet users around the world. This is not by accident. The Lord is the author of history, and the church finds herself with unique opportunities to do good in this world and bring Him glory.”

Michael Kruger – Taking Back Christianese #8: “It’s Not My Place to Judge Someone Else”

“In sum, we can say that the Bible really does say that we shouldn’t “judge” others. However, the Bible’s definition of “judge” is not the same as the world’s. The world defines judging as telling someone their behavior is wrong. In contrast, the Bible condemns the kind of judging that is simply enforcing man-made rules.

So, the issue is not whether we are allowed to declare a behavior to be wrong, but the grounds on which we declare that behavior to be wrong.

The grounds must always be God’s Word, and not man’s opinion.”

Tim Challies – 5 Ways Porn Lies To You

“If you are trusting in Christ, if you are taking hold of the promises of God, if you are believing the gospel, you can never look at porn again. It will be God’s absolute delight to prove this to you.”

Denny Burk – Pursue God, Not Pornography

Michael Boling – Exposition of Ruth 3:10-18

“This passage presents a number of key repeating elements found in the book of Ruth. Concepts such as hesed present themselves yet again along with the godly character of both Ruth and Bo’az. We have also noticed yet another movement of the story forward from a place of emptiness and sorrow to a place of potential redemption and happiness. The rest so longed for by Na’omi and Ruth appears to be on the cusp of taking place. Despite everything seemingly falling into place, there remains the aspect of anticipation.”

Servants of Grace has embarked on a journey through Ecclesiastes. Check out what posted this past week:

Wei Feng Ho – Our God has Set the Times

Stacey Patrick – The Need for Community


Terry Mortenson – Adam, Morality, the Gospel, and the Authority of Scripture

“Our final authority must be the Word of God. But we don’t have to stick our heads in the sand. Solid scientific evidence confirms what God so plainly tells us in Genesis 1–11 about Adam but also about the Fall, the Flood, the “very good” original creation, and the age of the universe. Christian student, Christian layman, Christian theologian, Christian scientist, who are you really trusting? God or man?”

Ginger Allen – How Did Plants Survive and Disperse after the Flood?

“Most plants could have survived outside the Ark upon floating rafts of vegetation as seeds and as debris that could have gone a long way toward propagation of at least some plant life in the post-Flood world.31 And this brief exercise demonstrates that it is conceivable that the rest of the post-Flood plants were recolonized both from seeds, which remained dormant during the Flood, and from vegetative propagation of one form or another.”

Philip Bell – Wishful Thinking About Nature’s Abilities

“We know that it has become completely unacceptable for a scientist to speak in an official capacity of God’s activity in this world. Yet, it seems just fine to replace ‘God’ with ‘Nature’. Indeed, generally the most ardent arch-humanists may willingly tolerate this blatant ‘naturalistic science pagan’ language. Of course, it’s plainly daft to attribute mind and personality to inanimate nature — as if physical stuff has the ability to think, learn, plan or discover things. Nevertheless, that is precisely what is happening in the name of evolution.”

Oldies but Goodies

William Gurnall – Prayer and Thanksgiving

“What is prayer — but the breathing forth of that grace which is breathed into the soul by the Holy Spirit? When God breathed into man the breath of life, he became a living soul. Just so, when God breathes into the creature the breath of spiritual life — he becomes a praying soul: “Behold, he prays,” says God of Paul to Ananias (Acts 9:11). Praying is the same to the new creature, as crying to the natural babe. The child is not learned by art to cry — but by nature — it comes into the world crying. Praying is not a lesson got by forms and rules — but flowing from principles of new life.”

Lewis Bayly – The Practice of Piety

“Content not yourself with that formal religion which unregenerate men have framed to themselves, instead of sincere devotion; for in the multitude of opinions, most men have almost lost the practice of true religion.”

John Newton – How to Know God’s Will

“The Word of God is not to be used as a lottery, nor is it designed to instruct us by shreds and scraps, [verses taken out of context] which, detached from their proper places, have no determinate importance. Rather, the Word of God is to furnish us with just principles and right apprehensions, to regulate our judgments and affections, and thereby to influence and direct our conduct.”

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