Posted On October 1, 2016

Current Events

Top 5 International Stories of the Week

ERLC outlines some important international headlines from this past week.

Christians ‘Crushed Under Steamroller’ and ‘Hung on a Cross Over Fire’ in North Korea

“A new report released last week by the British-based human rights advocacy organization Christian Solidarity Worldwide has revealed more horrific details on how the authoritarian North Korean regime tortures, mutilates and kills Christians.”

Bible Study/Preaching/Apologetics

Jon Bloom – Listen More, Speak Less

“Our God is a speaking God. He is not silent. The Word is speaking into existence you and everything else that exists. And the Word’s few spoken human words have more power in them than five hundred trillion words of men, angels, and demons. That’s why the Father says to us of his Son, “listen to him” (Matthew 17:5). We would do well to listen more and speak less — and when we do speak, to only speak what he gives us to say.”

Albert Mohler – For the Bible Tells Me So: Biblical Authority Denied.…Again

“A true defense of the Christian faith has never been more needed than now, but an attempt to rescue Christianity from its dependence upon Scripture is doomed to disaster.”

Gregg Allison – Has Rome Really Changed Its Tune? The Catholic Church: 500 Years Later

“The Catholic Church still holds to untrue doctrines of justification, salvation, authority, transubstantiation, Mary, seven sacraments that are effective ex opere operato, and purgatory. It is not helpful to skirt those issues for the sake of unity in a lowest-common-denominator approach.”

Donny Friederichsen – Confessing the Creed: I Believe

“When knowledge, assent, and trust are increasing there is an emotional reaction in the heart. Our affections will deepen and our love will grow. True belief is more than persuasion, but it is a love and delight in the object of that belief. Truly affirming the “I believe” of the Creed means loving and delighting in the Triune God of the Creed.”

Servants of Grace has embarked on a study of the book of Ephesians. I encourage you to check out what was posted this past week:

Rick Hanna – Mission Possible

Rick Hanna – Walking Worthy

Dave Jenkins – Walk in Love


Troy Lacey – Did Life Evolve Faster Before or After the Extinction of the Dinosaurs?

“So to answer the questions posed by these two new studies—did evolution happen at a faster pace from 4 to 3 billion years ago, and again after the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago—the answer is no. God created the earth and the universe a little more than 6,000 years ago, and by Day 6 He had made bacteria, dinosaurs, and mankind (and every animal, plant, and fungi). He placed massive variety in the genome of every creature, and He made them perfect and fully formed and functional.”

Jonathan Sarfati – Mammoth: Riddle of the Ice Age

“Although the media use mammoths as evolutionary propaganda, they can be properly explained by a biblical worldview. Mammoths are a variety of the elephant kind, created on Day 6.”

Charles Ware – Racial Reconciliation That Matters

“Biblical love for members of the family of God transcends the shade of our skin. We are one race, Adam’s race, and if born again, we become one in Christ’s body. We can point people to the root causes of racial conflicts in Genesis 1–11. Once we understand the source of our problems, we can offer the solutions, which work for both time and eternity.”

Oldies but Goodies

John Owen – The Glory of Christ

This is a free .pdf version of this classic work by John Owen.

John Angell James – The Duties of Children to their Parents

“Consider well the relationship you sustain to your parents. There is a natural relationship between you, inasmuch as they are the instruments of your very existence — a circumstance which of itself seems to invest them, as I have already said, with an almost absolute authority over you. The commonness, the universality of the tie, takes off the mind from contemplating its closeness, its tenderness, its sanctity. You are literally parts of your parents, and cannot dwell for a moment upon your origin, without being struck, one would think, with the amazing and solemn weight of obligation that rests upon you towards a father and a mother.”

Charles Spurgeon – Exposition of Psalm 99

Charles Spurgeon provides an excellent verse by verse exposition of Psalm 99.

John Murray – Historicity of Adam

“To view the parallel and contrasted disobedience of the one Adam in nonhistorical terms is to wreck the structure of Paul’s thought and therefore the doctrine set forth in these passages. The consequences for the plan of redemption are apparent.”

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