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Weekly Dose of Apologetics – 25 Jun – 1 Jul 2017

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Bruce Ashford – A Dozen (or So) Things We Will Never Regret Doing with Our Kids

“Schedules change at the last minute. Children get sick. Parents get tired. Et cetera.) So we put our trust in him, rather than in ourselves, as we try to make the most of these moments before our small children become adolescents. Because, before we’re ready for it, they’ll mature into young adults and go off on their own.”

Tim Challies – How To Identify Your Pet Sin

“Christian, this pet sin is the most dangerous sin of all. It is the one that most threatens your soul, that most steals your joy, that most inhibits your sanctification. It is the one that most provokes God to chasten you out of love. If you want your soul to be at peace, you need to make war against your pet sin.”

David Mathis – The Most Important Text on Marriage

“Kindness toward each other begins with God’s kindness toward us in Christ. God has forgiven me, therefore I can forgive her. Therefore, my heart can be tender, compassionate — not just in general, but specifically toward her. Therefore, I can act with kindness.”

Melissa Edgington – What Your Kids Really Need is Your Authentic Christian Life

“The truths of God’s word need to be so real in me that I can’t NOT talk about them day in and day out. My faith needs to be so deeply ingrained in me that it informs every situation, every decision, every discussion. And, when that happens, before I know it I have spent a large part of my day with the kids just naturally talking about what the Christian life is all about, who Jesus is, and what the Bible says about things.”

R. C. Sproul – What Does Repentance Look Like?

“The true nature of godly repentance is found in the phrase “a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.” David is saying that if he could atone for his own sins, he would; but as it is, his only hope is that God would accept him according to His mercy.”

Jason Helopoulos – A Spiritual Barometer Check

“If we claim to know Christ but do not love the people He died for, we are simply deluding ourselves.”

Mike Riccardi – Ecumenical vs. Evangelical

“There can be no partnership in ministry between the body of Christ who has been saved by the Gospel, and the enemies of that Gospel. No matter how many other good things they agree on, if you don’t have the Gospel, you don’t have Jesus. And if you don’t have Jesus, you simply cannot be united to those who do.”

Servants of Grace has embarked on two new studies:

Navigating Relationships

Psalms: The Gospel and the Christian Life


Michael Oard – The Appalachian Mountains are Young

“One aspect of Flood geology is to reinterpret observations made by uniformitarians. The secular Appalachian data looks ‘solid’, so how would we go about reinterpreting the data? The beginning point would be to place the erosion of the Appalachian Mountains within the Biblical Geological Model. Within this framework the erosion of the Appalachian Mountains and the development of the Cullasaja River Basin would have occurred during the Recessive Stage of the Flood.”

Steve Ham – Is Genesis 1–11 a Derivation from Ancient Myths?

“In the light of Scripture, we see confirmation in mythology around the world that the Bible is indeed God’s Word and the only reliable truth. In the message of God’s Word, we see Him stepping into this world and taking upon Himself the wrath we deserve. Only through the consistent Word of the Bible can we know salvation is only received through faith in Jesus Christ alone.”

Dr. Neal Doran – How to Solve a Monster Mystery

“Don’t get me wrong, I believe biological classifications involve a lot of wisdom. At the same time, perhaps part of what makes Tully a “monster” is it challenges some of our most basic assumptions of biology, such as what eyes, mouths, and backbones should look like. Lack of easy answers is one way God humbles us, while reminding us all to keep learning about him by continually “expecting the unexpected” as we ponder his glorious work.”

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson – Finding Adam in the Genome: Part 2 of a Response to Chapter 2 (and Chapter 4) of Adam and the Genome

“Why does Venema confuse hypothesis with fact? Because, in his mind, and in the minds of so many evolutionists, evolution is not one of many hypotheses to be tested. It is the test of scientific hypotheses. Therefore, Venema filters facts through this conclusion. The concept of functional redundancy fits the evolutionary filter; therefore, Venema treated it as fact.”

Oldies but Goodies

Thomas Watson – Honor Your Father and Mother

“Children! Is it not your duty to please God? In honoring and obeying your parents, you please God as well as when you repent and believe.”

John Bunyan – The Pilgrim’s Progress for Everyone

A condensed version of John Bunyan’s classic work.

Charles Spurgeon – No Compromise

“Do not attempt to deliver a message which you have not first of all yourself received by his Holy Spirit. Come out of the chamber of fellowship with God into the pulpit of ministry among men, and there will be a freshness and a power about you which none shall be able to resist.”

Robert Bolton – Heart Surgery

“As a traitor condemned to die, receiving a pardon, would wonderfully break his heart to think he should be so villainous to so gracious a prince, so it is with a Christian that beholds God’s mercy to him.”

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