Posted On December 31, 2016

Current Events

Samuel Smith – 90,000 Christians Killed in 2016, 1 Every 6 Minutes: Study

“Despite the unprecedented numbers, the international human rights watchdog Release International stated in a report released Thursday that it expects Christian persecution to continue increasing in 2017.”

Gordon Govier – Top 10 Bible-Related Archaeological Discoveries of 2016

Some very interesting discoveries.

Bible Study/Preaching/Family Issues/Apologetics

Donald Whitney – 10 Questions to Ask at the Start of a New Year

“Even those most faithful to God occasionally need to pause and think about the direction of their lives. It’s so easy to bump along from one busy week to another without ever stopping to ponder where we’re going and where we should be going.”

D. A. Carson – The Permanence of Hell

Some sound teaching from D. A. Carson from a few year’s back.

Raymond Ortlund, Jr. – The Sacredness of Sexual Intimacy

Bonnie McKernan – Does God Get Your Leftovers?

“Prayer is the recognition of and participation with God in our life. Our deficiencies in prayer cannot simply be compensated by increased Bible reading, ministry, community, or listening to sermons. Nothing can take the unique place of prayer in the Christian life.”

Tim Challies – Sex on the Silver Screen: Outsourcing Depravity

“When we watch sex on the silver screen, we are asking unbelievers to behave in ways we would never tolerate among ourselves. Yet we tolerate it so we can enjoy entertainment we otherwise couldn’t enjoy. We outsource our depravity so we can live within the letter of the law, even while violating the spirit.”


Lita Cosner – The Cockroach: Nature’s Garbage Men

“While all of us probably have wished that cockroaches would go extinct at some point, they really play an important part in the ecosystem, and scientists are learning a lot of principles of robot design from them. So even the ‘nastier’ parts of the natural world show that God is a good and ingenious designer.”

Carl Wieland – The Evolution Train’s A-Comin’ (Sorry, A-Goin’—in the Wrong Direction)

“Evolutionists hail natural selection as if it were a creative goddess, but the reality (which they invariably concede when pressed) is that selection on its own always gets rid of information, never the opposite.”

Jerry Bergman – Why the Miller–Urey Research Argues Against Abiogenesis

“Although widely heralded by the popular press for decades as ‘proof’ that life originated on the early earth entirely by natural conditions, the Miller–Urey experiments have actually provided compelling evidence for exactly the opposite conclusion. This set of experiments—more than almost any other carried out by modern science—has done much more to show that abiogenesis is not possible on Earth than to indicate how it could be possible.”

Oldies but Goodies

Charles Spurgeon – Around the Wicket Gate

“Only the Lord Himself can remove the folly which is bound up in their hearts, and lead them to take the great decisive step. Yet the Lord works by means; and I have prepared this little book in the earnest hope that He may work by it to the blessed end of leading seekers to an immediate, simple trust in the Lord Jesus.”

Andrew Bonar – The Cravings of the Conscience Satisfied Through Jesus

“In the very act of thus saving you, God proclaims His love to righteousness. Your ruin, your perdition, your condemnation, would declare God’s hatred of sin; but your salvation will declare His love to righteousness. ”

James Haldane – The Prayer of Moses: An Exposition of Psalm 90:14-15

James Haldane provides a helpful look at Psalm 90:14-15.

Jonathan Edwards – Fleeing Out of Sodom

“Thus it is that backsliding commonly comes upon persons that have for some time been under any considerable convictions, and afterwards lose them. Let the consideration of this your danger excite you to the greatest care and diligence to keep your hearts, and to watchfulness and constant prayer against backsliding. And let it put you upon endeavors to strengthen your resolutions of guarding against everything that tends to
the contrary, that you may indeed hold out to the end, for “then shall you know, if you follow on to know the Lord.”

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