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Weekly Dose of Apologetics – 2-8 April 2017

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Current Issues

Joe Carter – Explainer: What You Should Know About Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch

Helpful information on the latest addition to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Bible Study/Preaching/Family Issues/Apologetics

Fred Sanders – 10 Things You Should Know about the Trinity

“Go ahead and talk about the Trinity sometimes and think about it deeply sometimes. Praise the Trinity at all times, and when necessary, use the word “Trinity.” But don’t feel like you have to focus mentally on this gigantic doctrine at all times in order to be a good Trinitarian.”

Albert Mohler – Preaching in a Secular Age

“In this age, telling the truth is tough business and not for the faint-hearted. The times are increasingly strange.” We now live, move, and have our being in a secular age. But the only authentic Christian response to the challenge of secularization is faithful, clear, and informed expository preaching.”

Sinclair Ferguson – How to Mortify Sin

“The negative task of putting sin to death will not be accomplished in isolation from the positive call of the Gospel to “put on” the Lord Jesus Christ (Rom. 13:14).”

David Murray – How to Stay in Ministry Over the Long Haul

Charles Barrett – The Grace of Becoming Less

“John the Baptist enjoyed a unique role in redemptive history. However, as ministers our task is to direct attention to Jesus Christ. We do so in a particular calling and according to a divinely dispensed measure of gifting. Some will and do have callings of greater influence and greater measures of abilities. But no minister has a calling or measure of gifts that justify upstaging Christ. He is the One to whom we all point.”

Marshall Segal – Does Dating Prepare Us for Marriage — or Divorce?

“The truth is we have given dating far too much credit, and far too much power in our pursuit of marriage. And because we misunderstand and misuse dating, we end up making more and greater mistakes in our search for love.”

Tim Keller – How the Bible Supports Catechesis

“Such instruction, Princeton theologian Archibald Alexander said, is like firewood in a fireplace. Without the fire — the Spirit of God — firewood will not in itself produce a warming flame. But without fuel there can be no fire either, and that is what catechetical instruction is.”


Jean Lightner – Developmental System Plasticity — A Brief Initial Assessment of Extent, Design, and Purpose Within the Creation Model

“It seems clear that God created the genome with considerable plasticity. Evolutionists, who have been conditioned to think of all change as evidence of universal common ancestry, may feel this genomic change supports their view, but the reality is that it does not. The fact that changes must be made in a way to maintain viability and fertility within the species militates against such a view.”

Andrew Snelling – Plate Tectonics — The Reality Behind a Theory

“Plate movements, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions are still occurring today and remind us that we suffer under the aftereffects of God’s global Flood judgment on human wickedness. People need to hear Jesus’ warning that, as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the day of His second coming, when He will judge the earth a second time, not by water but by fire (Luke 17:26-30).”

Elizabeth Mitchell – Designer Feet: Foundations for Walking, but Not up the Evolutionary Ladder

“The foot is not an isolated structure. An alternating connection to the ground beneath as we move, each foot’s movements are coordinated with movements in the ankle, leg, knee, thigh, hip, and back. These great designs all work together, enabling us to walk upright. The Creator God of the Bible knew just what it would take anatomically to equip His creatures — be they the humans made in His image or the apes and other animals — to walk in the ways He intended.”

Oldies but Goodies

D. Martyn-Lloyd Jones – God’s Ultimate Purpose

“God’s plan, according to Paul, is to re-unite all things in Christ, to gather them together again, to bring back, to head up once more all things in Christ. The expression immediately suggests that things have already been in a perfect condition once, but that they are no longer in that condition. But they will be so again. They are to be ‘re-united’.”

Geerhardus Vos – The Ordo Salutis

“All that the sinner receives flows from the living Christ. The result is that the sinner not only knows as an idea that he will receive everything for Christ’s sake but also experiences in life how everything comes from Christ. He is regenerated, justified, sanctified, glorified, but all this is in the closest bond with the Mediator.”

A. A. Hodge – Providence

“Preservation is that continued exercise of the divine energy whereby the Creator upholds all his creatures in being, and in the possession of all those inherent properties and qualities with which he endowed them at their creation, and of those also which, they may subsequently have acquired by habit or development. That is, both the being, the attributes of every species, and the form and faculties of every individual are constantly preserved in being by God.”

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