Posted On March 25, 2017

Current Issues

Albert Mohler – The Gathering Storm: Religious Liberty in the Wake of the Sexual Revolution

“Human rights and human dignity are temporary abstractions if they are severed from their reality as gifts of the Creator. The eclipse of Christian truth will lead inevitably to a tragic loss of human dignity. If we lose religious liberty, all other liberties will be lost, one by one.”

Bible Study/Preaching/Family Issues/Apologetics

Marshall Segal – Is Theology Your Idolatry?

“The Bible warns us about the dangers that come with our knowledge of God, especially for the theologically refined and convinced. “You cannot serve both God and theology.” Good theology is a means to enjoying and worshiping God, or it is useless.”

Nick Batzig – A Biblical Theology of Glory

“Significantly, the concept of glory is the greatest of concepts in this world, as it is the emanating of the perfections of the infinite and eternal God–both in creation and new creation.”

J. A. Medders – Confessing the Sin of Platforming

“I believed the lie I could make a name for myself for the sake of Christ. Baloney. That’s not how the Kingdom works. Sure, it might be how some Christian publishers work, but it’s not the way of Christ. During his earthly ministry, Jesus constantly sought the background, never parading his importance. The meek may not get a book deal, but they will get the earth. God has raised up some of his servants, bestowing influence, leadership, and a wide megaphone for the gospel. God did it.”

Jaquelle Crowe – Parents, Disciple Your Teens (While There’s Still Time)

Michael Boling – Take Care How Far You Go Down the Rabbit Hole

“Our test of all things must be first, foremost, and always rooted in Scripture. As we begin to do our research which will again by necessity involve works that oppose what we find in Scripture, we can never untether ourselves from the truth of Scripture. Once we unhook that lifeline of truth, our journey down the rabbit hole will result in being sucked into the very error we set out to research and expose.”

Cris Putnam – The Poison Fruit of the Serpent Seed

Cris Putnam explores a dangerous heresy that has begun to rear it’s head yet again.

David Smith – The Sufficiency of Scripture and Biblical Scholarship: Reading is a Big Deal

“Since God’s Word and Spirit determine and define reality, humans must depend on God’s Word and Spirit for knowing in every sphere of human knowledge. God’s Word and Spirit do not merely inform us through the written text of Scripture, but rather transform us spiritually through a life-long process, freeing us from sin, so that we are able to see and hear or know truth, so that we are able to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ.”

Servants of Grace has embarked on a journey through Ecclesiastes. Check out what posted this past week:

Stacey Patrick – The Sovereign Handiwork of the Lord

Stacey Patrick – The Need for Character in Leadership

Rick Hanna – Fear God, Keep His Commandments


Jonathan Sarfati – Genesis: Bible Authors Believed it to be History

“Indeed, the inspired writers treat the people, events and times as real, not merely literary or theological devices. And the reality of the history is foundational to crucial teachings about faith and morality.”

Danny Faulkner – A New Theory for the Moon’s Origin

“Scripture also suggests that the moon has a unique origin. The moon is the lesser light that God made on Day Four (Genesis 1:14–19). The moon was intended to provide light on the earth, as well as to be used in time reckoning. But we have found that the moon does much more. The moon’s unique orbit causes it to stabilize the earth’s axial tilt. Without the moon’s stabilizing effect, long-term prospects on earth would be grim. This is consistent with Isaiah 45:18, which tells us that God created the earth to be inhabited. Therefore, the moon didn’t form from a random series of events. Rather God took care in how He made everything, including the moon.”

Oldies but Goodies

William Cunningham – The Person Of Christ in the Early Church

“The topics involved in the controversies, to which we now proceed very briefly to advert, come under the head of what, according to the modern divisions generally adopted upon the continent, is called Christology, as distinguished from Theology in the most restricted sense of the word, and were usually discussed in the older systems under the head “De persona Mediatoris.” They respect the constitution of the Saviour’s person, not as He existed from eternity with the Father, but as He was when on earth working out the salvation of sinners, and as He now is in heaven at God’s right hand.”

Louis Berkhof – Christ’s State of Exhaltation

“The exaltation of Christ has a threefold significance. Each one of the stages was a virtual declaration of God that Christ met the demands of the law, and was therefore entitled to His reward. The first two stages also had exemplary significance, since they symbolized what will take place in the life of believers. And, finally, all four stages were destined to be instrumental in the perfect glorification of believers.”

Horatius Bonar – Divine Compassion

“There is all the obligation that a command can give; there is a necessity laid upon you, an immediate necessity, a necessity from which nothing can loose you, a necessity arising out of the very righteousness of that God who is commanding you to quit your unrighteousness, a necessity springing from the certain doom that awaits you if you turn not. Yes; there is a necessity, one of the greatest of all necessities, laid on you by God, to turn and live! ”

John Bunyan – Light for Them that Sit in Darkness

“Here we may see how much the heart of God was set upon the salvation of sinners — he studied it, contrived it, set his heart on it, and promised, and promised, and promised to complete it, by sending one day his Son for a Saviour.”

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