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Weekly Dose of Apologetics – 18-24 December 2016

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Current Events

ISIS Targets Thousands of US Churches, Wants to Turn ‘Christian New Year’ Into ‘Bloody Horror Movie’

“The Islamic State terror group has published the names and addresses of thousands of churches in the United States on its social media outlets, calling for its supporters to turn the “Christian New Year” into a “bloody horror movie.”

6 Pro-life Priorities for the President and Congress in 2017

“This January, a new president and a new Congress will be sworn in. Both President Trump and the Republican-majority House and Senate have pledged to enact legislation to defend the unborn. This provides us with an opportunity to work with and persuade our new Congress and a new president to protect the unborn.”

Bible Study/Preaching/Family Issues/Apologetics

Jim Elliff – Do You Need to Repent of Book Hoarding?

“Many hoarders of books have eventually come to realize that spending life’s hours collecting books to make an impressive library robs you of time in the Bible. It eats away at your desire to read the Bible; it is a substitute for reading the words that God says have life. Many pastors have wasted lots of God’s time this way, and for little good. Some of the worst believers and most inefficient pastors and leaders I know have great libraries, although the opposite might also be said.”

Nick Batzig – Sinful Anger: Its Cause and Cure

“This sinful desire for retaliation is one of the most destructive of all sins in the lives of God’s people and in the church. In order to keep ourselves from it, we need to know the One who never harbored a sinfully angry thought, never spoke a sinfully angry word and never acted in sinful anger.”

Russell Grigg – Does God have Body Parts?

“It is clear that Moses’ use of anthropomorphisms in Genesis is no obstacle to taking the account to be what the author so obviously intended, namely straightforward history. That is why the church took it that way for most of its history, until the erroneously perceived need to compromise with long-age ‘science’.”

Joel Beeke – The Puritans on Marital Love: Introduction

“The writings of the Puritans are sprinkled with declarations of the sweetness of marital love. By “sweet” and “sweetness” they meant to describe “a pleasant or gratifying experience, possession or state; something that delights or deeply satisfies” (Webster’s Dictionary). They delighted in the love of God and in every form of love commanded by God among mankind. In particular, they rejoiced in the love shared by husband and wife, and called married couples to love each other romantically, wholeheartedly, and perseveringly.”

Lex Meyer – A Man After God’s Heart

Lex Meyer examines what it means to be a man after God’s heart using the Psalms and the life of King David.

Michael Boling – The Book of Ruth: Background

Mike Boling takes a look at the all important background information on the book of Ruth.

Dave Jenkins – The New York Times and the Pursuit of Truth in the Marketplace of Ideas

“We go forth into our culture because we know the truth, have been set free by truth, and love the truth and people. Let us go forth into a culture of intolerance with the most intolerant message of all—there is only one Savior and Lord who alone can save sinners from their sin and give them friendship with God both now and always.”


John Hartnett – Aliens Are All Around Us?

“What is behind this belief in alien life evolving on other planets around other star systems?

It is the rejection of the Creator.”

Calvin Smith – Fallout Facts: Why and When Do Youth Fall away?

“The creation/evolution issue is not a side issue and the church will continue to suffer the loss of the next generation if they do not deal with the problem and equip their youth.”

Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell – Mathematical Solution to the Mystery of Animal Ornamentation

“Variation among animals that reproduce only within their own kinds is exactly what we expect in the world that God created about 6,000 years ago, without evolution, during the Creation Week.”

Oldies but Goodies

J. C. Ryle – A Call to Prayer

“This is one of the common marks of all the elect of God, “They cry unto him day and night” (Luk 18:1). The Holy Spirit, who makes them new creatures, works in them the feeling of adoption, and makes them cry, “Abba, Father” (Rom 8:15). The Lord Jesus, when he quickens them, gives them a voice and a tongue, and says to them, “Be dumb no more.” God has no dumb children. It is as much a part of their new nature to pray, as it is of a child to cry. They see their need of mercy and grace. They feel their emptiness and weakness. They cannot do otherwise than they do. They must pray.”

John Bunyan – A Treatise of the Fear of God

“I call it the highest duty, because it is, as I may call it, not only a duty in itself, but, as it were, the salt that seasoneth every duty. For there is no duty performed by us that can by any means be accepted of God, if it be not seasoned with godly fear. ”

John Owen – Sanctification is a Progressive Work

“If the work of holiness is such a progressive, thriving work in its own nature; and if the design of the Holy Ghost in the use of means, is to carry on holiness in us, and to increase it more and more to a perfect measure; then our diligence is to continue to that same end and purpose; for our growth and thriving depend on it.”

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