Posted On October 22, 2016

Current Events

Top 5 International Stories of the Week

ERLC outlines some important international headlines from this past week.

Scientists locate site where ancient Roman armies breached Jerusalem walls

“Recent excavations revealed a section of the so-called “Third Wall” of Jerusalem that Titus’ army breached on its way to conquering the city, according to the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA).”

Bible Study/Preaching/Apologetics

Gavin Ortlund – 3 Ways to Respond When Slandered

“It’s acutely painful to be slandered, and pastors and ministry leaders are particularly easy targets. Precisely because it’s such a serious sin, we must be especially careful to guard our hearts when it happens to us. One of the easiest ways to be led into sin is when we’re sinned against.”

R. C. Sproul – What Does it Mean to Fear God?

“We are invited to call Him Abba, Father, and to have the personal intimacy promised to us, but still we’re not to be flippant with God. We’re always to maintain a healthy respect and adoration for Him.”

Michael Kruger – Taking Back Christianese #5: “Just Ask Jesus into Your Heart”

“In the end, this phrase, like most the phrases is in this series, has the potential to be really helpful or really problematic, depending on how one understands it and uses it.”

Dave Jenkins – Five Pieces of Advice to Help Young People Grow in God’s Grace

“Don’t waste the time you have now in middle school and high school to grow in God’s grace. Don’t waste the opportunity to become the young man or young woman God wants you to become. Instead, use the opportunity He’s given you to shine the light of Christ where you are. Be faithful, grow in humility; know that God will use you.”

Greg Hall – Ready to Give an Answer

“The most powerful thing about the Bible is that it is not neutral—in fact, there is no such position as a “neutral” one. One way or another, we must all contend with its claims. To not make a decision about whether or not it will serve as the authority for your life is, in fact, to decide against it.”

Tim Keller: Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical

Servants of Grace has kicked off a new study, this one on the book of Philippians. Please check out what was posted this past week:

David Steele – The Bucket List

Zack Barnhart – The Power of Church Unity

Joel Littlefield – Disunity Defeated and Joy Completed

Nate Pickowicz – The Fullness of God in the Weakness of Man


Kevin Anderson – Dinosaur Tissue: A Biochemical Challenge to the Evolutionary Timescale

“By causing a rapid, watery burial, the conditions of the Genesis Flood would enhance fossilization of dinosaurs and other creatures, thereby potentially increasing tissue survival. Protein decay data, while contradictory to a multi-million year preservation period, precisely fits within a few-thousand-year time frame. All this is very consistent with an earth that is six to ten thousand years old.”

Don Batten – Who created God? It’s an illogical question

“Those who reject the Creator not only have to believe that matter came into being without any cause; they also have to believe that life itself popped into existence without an adequate cause.”

Philip Holladay – An Exponential Decay Curve in Old Testament Genealogies

This is an interesting paper that seeks to “derive a mathematical equation that predicts, with reasonable accuracy, the lifespan of people born after the Flood, given the number of years that they were born after the Flood.”

Oldies but Goodies

Thomas Watson – Examining Our Repentance

“If any shall say they have repented, let me desire them to try themselves seriously by those seven effects of repentance which the Apostle lays down in 2 Corinthians 7:11.”

A. W. Pink – The Fruits of Repentance

A. W. Pink takes a look at the fruits of repentance in the life of the believer.

Charles Spurgeon – The Greatest Motive to Repentance

“There is no saving repentance except within sight of the cross…Evangelical repentance is acceptable repentance and that only. The essence of evangelical repentance is that it looks to Him Whom it pierced by its sin…Mark you, wherever the Holy Spirit does really come, it always leads the soul to look to Christ. Never yet did a man receive the Spirit of God unto salvation, unless he received it to the bringing of him to look to Christ and mourn for sin.”

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