Deb Welch – Difficult Passages Series: Judges 19 and The Gospel

“We are all prone to wander and forget our True King and Redeemer. Our savior Jesus, who has written our names on his hands, has rescued us from the kingdom darkness described in Judges 19 and elsewhere, and has called us, as His cherished bride, unto himself. He calls us to seek refuge in his Father’s house; unlike the Levite and the father in Judges 19, our Lord will never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5).”

Philip Ryken – Those Who Are Truly Forgiven, Truly Forgive

“The Greek term for “forgiveness” (aphiemi) comes from a word that means “to let go.” Forgiveness is a release, a letting go of self-destructive feelings like anger, bitterness, and revenge.”

Joel Beeke – Puritan Preachers: John Preston

Joel Beeke concludes his informative series on Puritan preachers by taking a look at John Preston.


Matthew Holst – War of the Worlds: The Threat of Sexual Sin

“Throughout Scripture, from Satan in the garden to the anti-Christ of the new covenant era, we observe sin dressing itself up as virtue. That is one of sin’s most powerful techniques – that it looks like something positive or moral, and thus allures the simple into sin.”

Marshall Segal – Do You Know How to Rebuke?: Recipe for Speaking the Truth in Love

“To care for each other well, we need to ask God for the courage and faith to tell the truth about sin, and expose it as such, even when doing so might offend someone we love.”

Trevin Wax – Before the Throne of Social ‘Likes’

“If you feel the downward pull of the social game, talk to others. Take time away from the online world. Monitor your online habits. Soak in the Scriptures instead of scrolling through a timeline. Resist the urge to practice your righteousness online, in order to be seen by others.”

Tim Challies – Angered At and Angry With

“Sanctification is not only about putting to death those sins that so naturally spill out of me, those sinful behaviors I tend to initiate. It’s also about putting to death the sins that come roaring out when I’m sinned against. Coming alive to righteousness means gentleness when faced with harshness, joy when faced with bitterness.”

Jen Wilkin – The Best Reason to Read the Bible



Jim Mason – “This changes everything!”
The Right Perspective Makes a Big Difference

“The interpretation of data will depend, not only on the theoretical model being used, but on the presuppositions that the interpreter brings to the interpretation.”

Dr. David Menton – Is the Human Embryo Essentially a Fish Without Gills?

“The human embryo does not become human at some point during its development; rather it is uniquely human at every stage of its development. While scientists continue to learn much about the marvelous process of development in the embryo, the inspired words of King Solomon (Ecclesiastes 11:5, NIV) remain true:

As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things.”

Dr. Alan Gillen and Frank Sherwin – The Design of Giardia and the Genesis of Giardiasis

“When God cursed the earth (Genesis 3), some protozoan animals eventually lost their original beneficial function due to loss of genetic information, displacement from its original home, and they developed dependence on other creatures—in other words, became parasitic with associated pathogenesis.”

Oldies but Goodies

Ralph Erskine – Gospel Humiliation

“Why, the great and leading duty, in order to this humiliation, is a look to a pacified God. If you would be brought to holy shame and confusion of face for your sin; then, O know and believe that God is pacified toward thee for all that thou hast done; that there is mercy in God toward thee.”

Richard Adams – The Duties of Children and Parents

“The Greek nouthesia means to provide instruction as to correct behavior and belief; to advise someone concerning the dangerous consequences of some happening or action. It involves putting truth into children’s minds, so that they may discern right from wrong and live accordingly. This is to be the main thing in Christian education. Your chief goal in rearing children is to get the fear of God planted in their souls, so they may know, love, trust, and obey Him.”

Charles Spurgeon – Perseverance in Holiness

“Know the gospel well and thoroughly, and this will bring fuel to the fire of the fear of God in your hearts. Be much in private prayer; for that stirs up the fire, and makes it burn more brilliantly. In fine, seek to live near to God, to abide in him; for as you abide in him, and his words abide in you, you shall bring forth much fruit, and so shall you be his disciples.”