, Titus Series Recap, Servants of GraceOver the month of September, we have posted twelve articles here at Servants of Grace as part of a series exploring the book of Titus. The purpose of this series is to walk through the book of Titus and learn what the Lord would have to teach us through this great book. To that end, the contributors have endeavored to help you understand what the book of Titus teaches so you can apply it’s message to your lives.

I hope this series has encouraged you, exalted in King Jesus, and has helped you grow in the grace of God.

Here are the articles in order:

1) Introduction to Titus series by Dave Jenkins

2)  Elders are Gospel Men by Dave Jenkins

3)  Dealing with False Teachers by Zach Barnhart

4)  Sound Doctrine and Sound Living by Dave Jenkins

5) God’s Plan for Older Men, Women, and the Training of Younger Women by Dave Jenkins

6) God’s Plan for Younger Men by David Dunham

7) God’s Plan for Employees by Mike Boling

8) The Glory of the Grace of God by Dave Jenkins

9) Preaching: Exhorting, Rebuking, and Declaring God’s Word by Dave Jenkins

10) The Conduct of the Christian by Dave Jenkins

11) The Washing of Regeneration and Renewal of the Holy Spirit by Jason Garwood

12) The Last Word d by Dave Jenkins