In Proposition 28, George Peters states:

“God makes the Jewish King subordinate to His own Theocracy.”

Despite the yearning by Israel for a human ruler like that of the other nations and God within His divine plan making that request happen, God is still the King. As Peters aptly notes, God remains the “Supreme Monarch”. Should Israel disobey God’s commands, the penalty for that disobedience against the Supreme Monarch would be that of expulsion from the land of promise. Obedience to God’s commands would result in blessing being bestowed upon His subjects by the Supreme Monarch.

The most notable observation Peters presents in Proposition 28 is the following:

“It follows, therefore, that Josephus (Antiquities 6:3; 2, 3), and those who receive his view, are mistaken when they end the Theocracy with the Judges. The concession, made by the nation and earthly king, was such that God could, in equity, pardon the people and continue His august, special rule.”

The Theocracy did not disappear after the final judge Samuel passed on the torch of leadership to Saul. God maintained and will always maintain His rightful place as Sovereign King. While earthly kings and rulers are raised up and cast down (all within God’s divine plan by the way), this does not mean that God has somehow abdicated His throne on high or left man to rule and reign themselves for all eternity. He is fully in control, always will be fully in control, and as has been noted on multiple occasions in our discussion thus far, will re-establish His throne and rule in person and will walk with His people when the return to the Garden is complete.