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Thoughts from The Theocratic Kingdom: Proposition 26

Posted On January 30, 2016

In Proposition 26, George Peters states:

“The Theocracy thus instituted would have been permanently established, if the people, in their national capacity, had been faithful in obedience.”

The covenant promises made by God to Israel were intimately connected to obedience. Obey God and it will go well with you in the land flowing with milk and honey and you will dwell in the land forever. Disobey God and refuse to repent and the land will vomit you out. Had the people obeyed, something that of their own accord is impossible given man’s proclivity to sin, they would have enjoyed the beauty of this Theocratic Kingdom in the land of promise. A cursory glance in Scripture reveals that unfortunately did not happen as both Israel and Judah were sent into captivity for breaking their marriage vows with God.

The most notable observation Peters presents in Proposition 26 is the following:

“The mournful comments and sad rebukes of the Prophets over the unfaithfulness of the nation, its lack of appreciating Theocratic privileges, and the resultant withdrawal of the Ruler, are sorrowful evidences of the truth of our Proposition. Nearly every one, in this connection, points out two things: (1) that a return to God with full allegiance to Him in the Theocratic order, would secure a return to God’s blessing (thus showing God’s purpose to be a continuous one), and (2) that upon such a return at some period, indefinitely stated, in the future, this Theocratic rule – a special, distinguishing privilege – is invariably connected with the nation, where God chose to place it. (Thus e.g. comp. Malachi 3-4; Lev. 26, noticing v. 42; Deut. 30-33).”

There are many who espouse a theological system that equates the Old Testament to that of works and the New Testament as that of grace. Peters notes in this observation that even within the sad rebukes of the Prophets and the eventual removal of the people from the land due to disobedience, there is subsumed in those books God’s grace. He promised at a future point that He would again establish His theocratic rule. It is vital to understood to whom the promise, both past and future, to which this promise of theocratic rule was given – the people of Israel. This is a privileged construct as averred by Peters. As those grafted into the promises made to Israel, we too will be able to enjoy the glorious experience of this theocratic rule when God re-establishes His throne for all eternity and dwells again with His people. This observation seems to be a bit repetitive; however, it is an important one and reveals itself as Peters is noting in various ways, passages, and concepts in Scripture.

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