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Thoughts from The Theocratic Kingdom: Proposition 100

Posted On April 13, 2016

In Proposition 100, George Peters states:

“The visible church is not the predicted Kingdom of Jesus Christ.”

If the early church and the pages of Scripture do not teach that the church is the predicted Kingdom of Christ and if that was a later insertion into church dogma, then we must conclude by proof of Scripture that the visible church is not the predicted, covenanted Kingdom of the Messiah. The predictions found in Scripture of this Kingdom simply do not match in their entirety to what we can apply to the visible church, either past, present, or future up until the return of Jesus.

The most notable observation Peters presents in Proposition 100 is the following:

“It is a truth, that a vast number of works are published in the interest of controversy and of doctrine respecting the church, in which the most important of all the questions concerning the church is either taken for granted or else entirely ignored. The leading, fundamental question, whether the church is truly the covenant Kingdom of God, is, in many instances, entirely untouched. Under the assumption that it is such, we are treated to an immense array of learning and disquisition entirely based on an alleged and arrogated doctrine. No proof is even attempted; just as if the assumption had never been questioned. This itself is evidence of great weakness.”

I am curious if modern works on the doctrine of the church neglect or ignore the doctrine of the Kingdom and its proper application to the church. I am familiar with the unfortunate reality that some theological doctrines are based on assumptions rather than strong biblical facts. Some research is in order on my part to see if the same issues Peters faced in his day regarding the ignoring of and correct application of the doctrine of God exists in the major popular works of our day.

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