On today’s Equipping You in Grace show, Dave Jenkins and Dr. Thomas Kidd talk about the role of the Bible in evangelicalism today, defining evangelicalism and the history of the term, the problem of biblical illiteracy, and his latest book, Who Is an Evangelical? The History of a Movement in Crisis (Yale Press, 2019)

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • The problem of biblical illiteracy.
  • How the term evangelical has been used throughout history and how it has changed over the years.
  • Dr. Kidd’s definition of evangelicalism.
  • What the future of evangelicalism looks like in America.
  • A few of the most challenging issues that evangelicals face today.
  • What priorities evangelicals should focus on in the coming days.
  • The role the Bible should have in evangelicalism today.
  • How we resolve the gasp between much of what evangelicalism entails in everyday practice and how evangelicals appear in media cover today.
  • How evangelicals biblical and theological convictions should inform our political engagement and choices in the polls.

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