On today’s Equipping You in Grace show, Dave Jenkins and Dr. Thomas Kidd have a wide-ranging conversation about why Christians should study American history, voting and character, the founders of America, the Supreme Court, and his books, American History, Volume 1 and 2 (B&H, 2019).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Why should American Christians study American history.
  • A significant turning point in the history of America that pointed people away from Christianity and why.
  • What is Dr. Thomas Kidd’s favorite period of American history and why.
  • Who in the history of American has had a great influence on the Christian church as a whole.
  • What the Christian Church should be cautious not to repeat.
  • What most people misunderstand about the founding of America and why it matters.
  • What character traits should American Christians look for in their political leaders.
  • To what degree did Christian theology shape or not shape the founding of America.
  • How Christians should thoughtfully respond to the decisions of the Supreme Court.
  • How Christians should think in general about the Supreme Court.
  • Why Christians should avoid chronological snobbery.
  • Why Christians need to understand nuance regarding the history of the founding of America.
  • The First Great Awakening and genuine revival.
  • The importance of George Whitefield.

About the Guest

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