Posted On October 7, 2014

Family Worship: Quick Tips for Shepherding Your Family – Matt Sims continues the Marriage/Parenting/Singleness series at Servants of Grace by sharing some practical tips on family worship.

MANHOOD 101: Redeeming the Time – “Look for mature men in your church that redeem their time from diversion. Find men that are excited about the Lord, ministry, and glorifying God, and spend as much time with them as possible. Their affections will enflame your affections; after while, you will stir one another to love and good works (Heb. 10:24).”

Free E-Book: “Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor” by D.A. Carson – October is Pastor Appreciation Month at Crossway Books and as a result, they are offering a free e-book: D. A. Carson’s “Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor.”

Same-Sex Marriage and the Supreme Court: What Now for the Church? – “Let’s hold fast to what the gospel reveals about the meaning of marriage and the gospel behind it. Let’s articulate a Christian vision of what marriage should be, and let’s embody that vision in our churches. Let’s love our gay and lesbian neighbors. Let’s move forward with persuasion and with confidence. This is no time for retreat or for resentment. This is a time for mission.”

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