Is Gospel-Centeredness Spiritually Dangerous – “What matters is not our label, but that our theology produce in us humility, love for Jesus, and the “wisdom from above” that is “first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere” (James 3:17). That is the whole point of gospel-centeredness.”

Jesus, Adoptee – “If you are of an age and in a place spiritually, emotionally and financially where you can adopt, prayerfully consider it. Seek the counsel of Godly men and women, including some who themselves have adopted. Research the issue and find out where and how adoption might fit into God’s plan for your life and that of your family. That’s the least you can do before a loving Father who, in His Son, adopted you.”

“I Don’t Deserve to Read the Bible: Three Attitudes for Christian Preachers and Scholars – “Every Sunday when my pastor finishes reading the text of Scripture he’s going to preach from he says, “This is the Word of the Lord”, and the congregation responds “Thanks be to God.” There’s a beautiful reminder of the nature of God’s revelation as a gift to us. God didn’t have to say anything. He doesn’t owe us any truth beyond what we’ve already heard and suppressed in our ungodliness (Rom. 1), and yet in Scriptures, he gives us his sure word of promise for us to cling to, rely on, by comforted with, and use as a means of communion with Him. This is surely a cause for rejoicing.”

What Do We Mean By “Missional Living”? – “While missional living could be described as something the church does with Jesus as well, it is more appropriately something the church follows him into. As we step out in faith to be a “city on a hill,” we must remind ourselves that Jesus is already at work and we are to join him in the work he has already begun to do in our cities. And in the times we live, we need to take special care to discern the time as “men of Issachar” so that the mission we are being led into is at its most potent.”

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