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The Daily Roundup: 28 November 2014

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Liberalism, the Church and Inerrancy – “Jesus Christ is the Truth, and as such only His Word which is sharper than any two edged sword can piece through the fog by revealing the foolishness of man’s sin and rebellion against God. Jesus Christ is the ultimate answer and reason why His Word is inspired, inerrant, sufficient, authoritative which is why Christians should dedicate their entire lives and ministries to reading, studying, contending and proclaiming its truth.”

The Pilgrim’s Progress (New Edition) – “Desiring God is excited to release a new edition of The Pilgrim’s Progress, free of charge in three digital formats (PDF, EPUB, MOBI).”

Thank God for God – “Let’s work hard at looking behind the stores, the trucks, the factories, and all the mechanized processes that now so easily interrupt and obstruct our view of our Creator at work in His creation, and turn each insight and discovery into a song of praise. God rejoices in His works of creation and providence (31), and we’re invited to join Him in this song (33-35).”

Recovering Scripture: The Church’s Only Hope – “We all need to recover Scripture: in our devotional lives, as the source of our theology, in our churches, and as the living voice of God today. It is only “by Scripture alone” that we hear the odd announcement of a Father who “so loved the world who gave his only-begotten Son.” Compromise this “sola” and you end up surrendering “solo Christo” (by Christ alone), “sola fide” (through faith alone), and “soli Deo gloria” (to God alone be the glory).”

Count Your Blessings…Literally – “So for a few moments, let’s put all our desires on hold and ponder the great mountain of blessings that we already have. James 1:17 says, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.” We have received so many good gifts. Let’s stop obsessing about what we want and start marveling at all that God has given us.”

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