The Daily Roundup: 23 November 2014

Posted On November 23, 2014

Worship Is an Act of Reversal – “We gather to pray and commune and proclaim and teach and sing to stir our hearts to stop hoping and clinging to what’s transient, and to deepen our love for him and strengthen our bond as brothers and sisters. We gather to fight for ordered love to resound in our hearts. We gather gratefully to point one another to our supreme Joy. Let us pray that we would say with Augustine, “no object of love is more healthy than your truth, beautiful and luminous beyond all things.”

What’s The Deal With Footwashing? – “Songwriter and author Michael Card describes the moment beautifully: This is a pivotal moment…in that Jesus finally gives up on words. He has told them numerous parables about slaves, now he will portray the most humiliating of slave roles, the washing of feet. Even after three long years of his often bizarre and indescribable behavior, the disciples are befuddled by the inappropriate behavior that leaves them speechless.”

The Old Testament God – “From the standpoint of one who believes in the Old Testament God, I find God to be amazingly consistent, and the very farthest thing from arbitrary. I will say this: just because God does not always explain His reason for doing such and such a thing, does not mean that a reason is non-existent. He may have a reason that He does not choose to tell us. This is, in fact, the burden of God’s message to Job in the last part of that book. God is not answerable to human beings. We are answerable to Him.”

The Canon’s Authority – “The Canon shows what the standard is and it requires perfect fulfillment. We all know that we cannot meet this standard. But the Canon also provides the clues of what to expect for the Promised One who can fulfill it. There are over 300 prophecies detailing how the Messiah would come and how his life would be carried out. Next week, see how Jesus is the one that passed the Messiah Test.”

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