Are Our Hearts Really Idol Factories? – “When we refer to ourselves as “idol factories”, we are undermining the glorious, wonderful, God-given power that is ours in Christ. We are minimizing all that God has accomplished for us through the work of Christ. And, we potentially put ourselves in the position of being navel gazers – always looking inward in an effort to detect the slightest idol, rather than trusting the Spirit to do what he promised.”

Inerrancy and Church History: The Middle Ages – “The theologians of the medieval church, like those of the early church, held that divine inspiration necessitated an inerrant text.”

Behold Your Mother – “Care of parents, particularly in the latter years, is difficult, grueling, and offers little tangible reward. The elderly seem like speed bumps on the road to relevance. But if we really believe each human life was made in the image of God, if we really believe that every human has intrinsic worth, regardless of utility, we’d do better at embodying this ethic when it comes to equipping our people to care for their elderly parents.”

Spurgeon, Hillsong, and “Conversations” – “What is happening, though, is that many believers are having “conversations” while abandoning these presuppositions. And to those with darkened minds, one cannot have these presuppositions and still be considered a rational human being. Therefore, the Christian “conversation” almost always ends in apostasy. Because once God is removed from the center and I, the interpreter (or the interpretive community), becomes sovereign — God has already been booted off his throne.”