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Reflections on Job 17-20

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Job 17-20

Job continues to tire of his friend’s advice or more appropriately lack of cogent advice. In Job’s mind, he has become something for people to come gave at, a laughingstock of the community of sorts. Job believes he is righteous, not perfect, but righteous before God. Job also notes there is no one who is wise among his friends. There is not much hope in the life of Job at this moment.

Bildad the Shuhite responds to Job in the same typical response provided thus far by Job’s friends, namely the urging of Job to listen to their “wise” counsel, to admit his wrongdoing, and to quit groveling and moaning. Bildad goes into a lengthy discourse on the nature of the wicked, noting a number of realities. It seems as if Bildad takes the approach of connecting Job with doing something wicked which of course plays nicely into Job’s friend’s concept that his current state is due to some sort of transgression.

In what seems to be a recurring theme of a response, Job rejects his friend’s counsel, equating it to the tormenting of his soul and being broken into pieces by their words. All Job is looking for is justice before God, the opportunity to plead his case. Instead, in Job’s eyes, what has taken place is God pouring out his wrath and judgment upon Job for reasons unknown to Job. He has become a source of abhorrence to those around him. Job cries out for some sense of pity from his friends.

Zophar the Naamathite responds to Job clearly acknowledging the fact that Job is not viewing their counsel as being anything remotely close to helpful, going so far as to equate Job’s responses as a rebuke. Zophar again takes the approach of noting it is the wicked who endure God’s judgment as ultimately the joy of the wicked will be cut short. There is a good amount of worthy statements made by Zophar in Job 20 and his comments almost read like a snippet from the book of Proverbs. Just how those words serve to bring any comfort or piece of mind to Job remains to be seen.

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