On the latest episode of the Equipping, You in Grace Podcast, Dave Jenkins, and Lewis Allen discuss the importance of personal growth in grace in the Christian life and ministry, along with his book, The Preacher’s Catechism (Crossway, 2018).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Three fundamental convictions about catechisms for pastors and why they matter for those in vocational ministry.
  • How pastors can grow in their craft of preaching.
  • Advice to young men aspiring for pastoral ministry about the dangers and pitfalls of ministry.
  • The importance of pastors preaching in love and how to they can do this.
  • The importance of personal holiness and growth in grace in the Christian life and ministry.
  • How to preach the Scriptures with conviction and confidence.
  • The good news for struggling pastors and ministry leaders.
  • Practical help to begin caring for your pastor.
  • Practical help on the importance of friendship in ministry.
  • The importance of feedback from sermons from trustworthy people so Pastors can grow in the craft of preaching.
  • The importance of pastors listening to good quality preaching to help them grow in preaching.
  • The importance of listening to seasoned pastors and ministry leaders and growing from their wisdom and experience.
  • Realism about the future of one’s ministry.
  • The importance of suffering in the Christian life and ministry.
  • The importance of continued growth in doctrine and theology in ministry.

About the Guest

Lewis Allen (ThM, Westminster Theological Seminary) serves as senior pastor of Hope Church in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England, which he helped plant after twelve years of pastoring a church in West London.

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