The Law comes from our good God.

The Law comes as a good gift from our good God.

The Law is a good presentation of God’s standard of goodness. It tell us that which is really good in the sight of God.

The Law is a good magnifier of our non-goodness. It does a very good job of showing us the thousands of ways we fall short of God’s expectations regarding our conduct and character.

Yes, the Law is good, but it is not good at everything. The Law is not good at inspiring and transforming our souls. It can scare us to death. It can promise damnation, punishment, discipline, and poor consequences. The result can be short-lived conformity out of a sense of self-preservation, love of reputation, and self-worship. Yes, the Law can result in external conformity and obedience, but it cannot change our insides. The Law cannot adjust our heart; it cannot transform our character. And any serious student of God’s Law understands that perfect, lawful, acceptable obedience requires both the right external action with the the right internal character. Consequently, when we realize the Law is not boosting our spiritual ego but exposing our sin, we find ourselves continually tempted to deny God’s Law in its entirety or minimize it by cutting it down to size. Therefore, in denying God’s Law, we sin further. The same is true when we minimize God’s Law and lower the bar, in order to reach the bar, in order to view ourselves as Law-keepers. Yes, the Law is good, but it cannot perform good work within our chests.

So, is there any rescue from God’s good Law that persistently exposes our non-good being and behavior? Thanks be to God for the Gospel!

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