The Purpose and Meaning of Christian Dogma

On today’s episode, a listener writes in and asks Dave, "What is Christian Dogma?" What you’ll hear in this episode The Criteria for Christian Dogma. Christian Dogma and a Watching World. The Apostle Paul, Timothy, and Sound Doctrine. The Source of Sound Doctrine. The...

How to Prioritize Reading

Set Reading Priorities Our reading may not be disciplined, efficient, or fruitful until we read with purpose. Before you begin reading a book, determine why you are reading it. We will often neglect what we don’t prioritize. And book reading is often neglected because...

Be Excellent as Christ Is Excellent

Be Grounded in God’s Own Glory and Excellence As Daniel Harrington and James Keenan contend, “From an ethical viewpoint, the end is the quintessential point of departure, since strong ethical systems always start with the end. The goal always defines the agenda being...

The Necessity of the Atonement

We’ve been looking at the atonement in our study of Great Doctrines of the Bible by Martyn Lloyd-Jones. First, we looked at a few theories of the atonement that don’t do justice to the teaching of Scripture. Then, we looked at the biblical teaching of the...

Husband of One Wife and Fighting Sexual Sin

On today’s Warriors of Grace episode, Dave talks about what it means to be a husband of one wife, along with providing strategies to learn to fight sexual sin with Scripture, joy in the Lord, and other practical guidance. What you’ll hear in this episode What it means...

John Knox: The Founder of the Presbyterian Church

When we consider the Reformers, we may picture strong men and women with booming voices that echoed around the gathered crowd. We picture them as fearless, rebuking whoever contradicted the true teachings of Scripture, calling out heresy for what it was. But this...
John Piper – Sweetly Devastated by Grace

Posted On April 6, 2015

A deeper, truer knowledge of your sin — of your absolute lostness and wickedness apart from Christ — will devastate and liberate you.

It will devastate you, because you will see darkness in yourself and the horrors you deserve like never before. But it will also liberate you, because you’ll turn fully to God — our only hope — in faith and experience true justification, which only comes by grace alone.

John Piper says:

“This is the horrible and glorious truth: My justification cannot be founded 99.99% on grace and 00.01% on the good deeds of John Piper because there are no good deeds, none that are perfect.”
In this four-minute video, Piper defines sin and its enemy, faith. The root of sin, he says, is preferring anything to God. Faith, instead, “receives Christ as a desperately needed Savior, a Lord with whom we are happily compliant, and a Treasure that we esteem above everything.”

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