John Piper – Sweetly Devastated by Grace

Posted On April 6, 2015

A deeper, truer knowledge of your sin — of your absolute lostness and wickedness apart from Christ — will devastate and liberate you.

It will devastate you, because you will see darkness in yourself and the horrors you deserve like never before. But it will also liberate you, because you’ll turn fully to God — our only hope — in faith and experience true justification, which only comes by grace alone.

John Piper says:

“This is the horrible and glorious truth: My justification cannot be founded 99.99% on grace and 00.01% on the good deeds of John Piper because there are no good deeds, none that are perfect.”
In this four-minute video, Piper defines sin and its enemy, faith. The root of sin, he says, is preferring anything to God. Faith, instead, “receives Christ as a desperately needed Savior, a Lord with whom we are happily compliant, and a Treasure that we esteem above everything.”

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