On the latest episode of the Equipping You in Grace Podcast, Dave Jenkins and John Onwuchekwa discuss the importance of corporate prayer in the life of the Christian and local church, along with his book, Prayer: How Praying Together Shapes the Church (Crossway, 2018)

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Learning to be historians of prayer by track the answers to answer prayer to give thanks to the Lord for answered prayer.
  • The High Priestly Ministry of Jesus and the Christian’s prayer life.
  • Discouragement and prayer.
  • Prayer as not only the oxygen for the Christian life but also a source of life for the community of faith.
  • How Pastors and ministry leaders can equip the people in their congregations to pray not only before the service but also during the week.
  • How prayer in Scripture is linked to the hope of redemption.
  • How prayer has not only a gospel-shape but also a local church shape.
  • What preaching a series of sermons through the Lord’s Prayer looks like.
  • How the local church takes the theory of Christianity and makes it tangible in love, deed, and in prayer.
  • The features of corporate prayer and how the ACTS model helps God’s people learn to pray corporately.
  • The importance of corporate prayer in the life of the local church.
  • Some strategies for running and starting a prayer meeting.
  • Some of the temptations to fight as pastors begin to engage and help lead God’s people in learning to pray corporately.

About the Guest

John Onwuchekwa (MA, Dallas Theological Seminary) serves as pastor of Cornerstone Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

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