Welcome to the sixth-eighth episode of Equipping You in Grace. On today’s episode, Dave Jenkins interviews Alex Early– The New Believer’s Guide to the Christian Life: What Will Change, What Won’t, and Why It Matters (Bethany House, 2016).

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Alex’s life, ministry, marriage, and his current ministry projects.
  • What it means that Christians are Beloved children of the Lord.
  • Prayer and the Christian life.
  • Real obedience to the Lord.
  • Baptism.
  • Church Membership.
  • Living life in community with other Christians.
  • Money and tithing.

About the Author:

Alex Early is the author of The Reckless Love of God (2015) and serves Redemption Church in Seattle, Washington. He’s a passionate preacher of the gospel and also excels in teaching theology. He is a sought-after speaker and a creative missionary. Alex has completed two master’s degrees (MDiv, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and MA in Aspects of Biblical Interpretation, London School of Theology) and is a current doctoral student (Doctor of Intercultural Studies, Western Seminary). In 2008, he planted Four Corners Church in a bar (attendance quickly grew to several hundred people), and has also served as a theology professor at Point University in Atlanta. Alex has been heavily involved in training church leaders both in the U.S. and abroad. He is a sought-after speaker and lives with his wife, Jana, and their two children in Seattle. He spends his down time cooking for family and friends and laughing around the table.

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