Posted On January 21, 2019

On today’s Equipping You in Grace episode, Dave Jenkins and Elyse Fitzpatrick discuss how the local church can help Christians learn to deal with doubt with the Word of God, along with her book, Doubt: Trusting God’s Promises (P&R, 2018).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Helping children and teenagers deal with doubts in their Christian life.
  • How the Bible’s claims about itself help doubters begin to trust the reliability of the inerrant and authoritative Word of God.
  • What role should the local church play in helping Christians deal with doubt.
  • How a growing knowledge of the person and work of the Lord Jesus helps Christians face doubt.
  • How Christians can face trials and grow in the grace of God.
  • How ministry leaders can help church members to walk with those facing doubt with the promises of God.

About the Guest

Elyse Fitzpatrick is a certified biblical counselor and a frequent retreat and conference speaker. She has authored more than twenty books on daily living and the Christian life.

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