On today’s Equipping You in Grace show, Dave Jenkins and Dan DeWitt discuss the importance of sound doctrine and humility in the Christian life, along with his book, Sunny Side Up- The Breakfast Conversation That Could Change Your Life (The Good Book Company, 2019)

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • What the words orthodoxy and orthopraxy mean and why they are so crucial to the Christian life.
  • How important is it that Christian learn from the lessons God wants to teach them.
  • Some characteristics of a genuinely humble follower of Christ.
  • How important is it that we have a right understanding of God’s love so we will serve the Lord in a way that honors Him.
  • Why Jesus’ words “follow me” can glorious wreck our lives if we truly understand them.
  • How Christians should deal with difficult situations in their lives.
  • How important it is that we spend time with the Lord in His Word and prayer each day.
  • How important is it that Christians be in a small group.
  • Why the example of Peter can be instructive medicine to combat ministry failure before they disqualify themselves.
  • Why Christians should keep short accounts with the Lord.

About the Guest

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