On the latest Equipping You in Grace, Dave Jenkins and Chris Hutchinson discuss the importance of humility for the Christian life and ministry, along with his book Rediscovering Humility: Why the Way Up is Down (New Growth Press, 2018).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • How we can cultivate humility in our ministries and local churches.
  • How Christians today can recover the biblical category of stewardship in the conversation on platform building.
  • How Christians can learn to cultivate humility without abandoning their convictions and engage one another on secondary doctrinal matters in love.
  • Dealing with challenging theological controversies in love and in private.
  • How humility unlocks one of the great Christian mysteries of the Christian faith.
  • How Christian leaders can help young people learn to cultivate humility in our local churches.
  • Learning to fight for humility while engaging others on social media.
  • Dealing with conflict in our local churches with the love of Christ.
  • The local church and growing in humility.
  • Relational maturity and growing in humility.
  • The importance of faithful local church ministry.
  • The legitimacy for ministry beginning in our homes and then in our local churches.
  • Humility and spiritual growth.
  • Learning to take heat out of secondary doctrinal matters so we can begin to have healthy Christian dialogue.
  • The importance of asking questions in theological dialogue.
  • Older people mentoring young people.

About the Guest

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