, Bible Reading Plan of Action for 2015, Servants of Grace2015 is here and I am looking forward to doing something I have always wanted to do yet have never done as yet. What is this thing you may ask? For many years I have longed to read through the Bible chronologically, meaning reading through Scripture based on the time frame when the events depicted took place. Why would anyone want to do such a thing? I believe the value in reading Scripture chronologically is the ability to grasp how it all connects. I can better understand for example the role of the prophets and the time frame they ministered. I can better appreciate what was going on in Ruth or Esther based on the historical framework in which Ruth and Esther lived.

To accomplish this effort, I am going to utilize a few tools at my disposal. The first tool is a chronological study Bible that has for too long sat dormant on one my many bookshelves in my basement office. Another tool will be the Hebrew-English Bible I received for Christmas. As I journey through Scripture, I want to begin to better recognize words as they are used in the original language, why these words are used in their context, so as to better grasp the patterns and principles found throughout Scripture.

One other aspect of this goal for 2015 is to relay each and every day in a short paragraph in a blog post, the gist of what God is saying in the portion of Scripture I will read for that particular day. Given today is 2 January, I am already a day behind on both aspects of this effort! I think capturing the fundamental message of a particular passage is important. As I look back at this year, I will be interested to see how that message flows throughout Scripture. This portion of my goal will arguably be the most challenging as it will require me first of all to read each and every day and to take the time to digest and share what I have read.

The Bible reading plan I have chosen to utilize is available here. Each day requires only reading 3 or 4 chapters.

I do want to encourage everyone to spend faithful and dedicated time in God’s Word. Do not read His Word out of some feeling of a need to check a box to be more spiritual. Read Scripture of course because we are commanded to, but also read Scripture because in doing so, you will in turn grow closer to God. In God’s Word we can find life. In God’s Word there are rivers of living water. In God’s Word we can better understand what it means to love God and love others. In God’s Word we find His commands to us that as His bride, we are to obey with great joy and vigor.

No matter what type of Bible reading plan you choose, stick with it. Grow in God in 2015 through the reading of His Word.

What are you waiting for? Get out your Bible and start reading!