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If you haven’t heard of Credo Magazine, then you’re missing out. I recently interviewed Matthew Barrett, founder and executive editor, concerning this wonderful free resource.  If you’re looking for a free, biblically sound, Gospel-centered resource from a distinctly Baptist perspective, Credo Magazine is your resource:

What is Credo Magazine?

Credo magazine is self-consciously Evangelical, Reformational, and Baptistic: Evangelical since it aims at being supremely Gospel-centered, exalting in the substitutionary death and historical resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ; Reformational as the gospel it promotes is defined by the solas of the Reformation; and while Credo magazine welcomes contributors from diverse ecclesial backgrounds, it seeks to especially celebrate those doctrines that mark the Baptist tradition.

Credo is a free, full-color, digital magazine that is published bi-monthly and includes:

• Articles by some of the best pastors and scholars today on the most vital and pertinent issues in Christianity.

• Columns engaging pastoral issues in the church and monumental figures in church history.

• Interviews with important pastors and scholars on both their ministries and their new books.

• Reviews of some of the most recent books in Christian theology and literature.

How did Credo Magazine come about?

The project evolved out of a desire to provide a resource for those in the church from a Reformed Baptist perspective. There are other magazines out there, such as Tabletalk and Modern Reformation, and while these do an excellent job they assume a Presbyterian background more or less. And then there are other lay-level resources such as Christianity Today, Books and Culture, or Touchstone Magazine but these target a wider audience in Christianity in general. So it became obvious that while Baptists, especially Southern Baptists, make up the largest evangelical denomination(s), nevertheless, there does not seem to be a magazine that is written from such a vantage point. And more rare yet, there does not seem to be a magazine out there that comes from a Reformed Baptist perspective. So this is a gaping hole Credo Magazine seeks to fill, bringing many pastors and scholars to the table to discuss some of the most important theological issues of our day.

However, with that said, Credo is delighted to pull from pastors and scholars from a variety of denominational backgrounds. Once in a while we will devote an issue to Baptist theology or history. But much of the time we are addressing issues that can be discussed by a variety of evangelicals. So we are pleased to have evangelical contributors from diverse ecclesial affiliations. For example, in this forthcoming January issue, “In Christ Alone,” Gerald Bray will be contributing an article and we could not be more pleased to have such an excellent scholar.

How can Credo Magazine benefit Southern Baptists and evangelicals?

Southern Baptists have a long and diverse history. Within the last two and a half decades the SBC has undergone a conservative resurgence whereby the gospel and evangelical doctrine has been recovered. I am proud to have graduated (twice!) from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary which in many ways has led the way, thanks to the leadership of President Albert Mohler, in defending Christian orthodoxy. It is a joy to see churches within the SBC as well as its seminaries teaching sound doctrine.

In this regard, Credo Magazine will serve as a theological resource for those in the SBC. Our hope is that lay people, pastors, and scholars will find Credo Magazine a theological feast! Credo is meant to assist other Southern Baptists in thinking through the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith.

Additionally, since Credo Magazine is baptistic in its orientation, it will also serve Southern Baptists by addressing some of the major topics under debate in the SBC. Many of our contributors, both to the magazine itself and to the weekly blog, are Southern Baptist pastors and professors. Therefore, they will naturally be tackling theological and ecclesiological issues that are at the center of discussion in the SBC. Our aim is to provide a magazine that is a valuable resource to those in the SBC as they think through some of the most important issues in their churches.

Furthermore, of late there has been a resurgence of Calvinism within the SBC. I believe this is a very positive movement that is taking place, as the doctrines of grace are being recognized for their biblical accuracy. Credo Magazine is written from a Calvinist perspective, and therefore will seek to highlight the solas of the Reformation and the doctrines of grace from a biblical, theological, and historical vantage point.

What resources are currently available through Credo Magazine, and what resources do you hope to provide in the future?

The main resource we offer is the bimonthly magazine (published every two months). The magazine is free to the public and is available on our website. By all means take a look at our most recent October issue, “The Living Word” and keep your eye out this January for “In Christ Alone.”

If you are a dedicated follower then you will also be interested in reading our blog each day. We have guest contributors all the time but we also have consistent weekly contributors including: Thomas Schreiner, Paul Helm, Fred Zaspel, Nathan Finn, Todd Miles, Ardel Caneday, Michael A.G. Haykin, myself (Matthew Barrett), and Luke Stamps.

Also make sure to check out our “reviews” and “media” pages where we post new book reviews as well as videos with some outstanding pastors and scholars. For example, for Reformation week we did a video interview with Michael A.G. Haykin on Martin Luther.

And you will want to keep your eye out for our occasional book giveaways! Last week we gave away Gregg Allison’s Historical Theology these next four weeks leading up to the January issue will also include many other giveaways, including Michael Horton’s The Christian Faith.

Who are the contributors to Credo Magazine?

As I said, our blog has weekly contributors. But the contributors to our magazine are many. Some of those who have written or are planning on writing articles for the magazine include: Gregg Allison, Fred Zaspel, Michael A.G. Haykin, Robert Saucy, Bruce Ware, Timothy George, Nathan Finn, Gerald Bray, etc.

We also do interviews often. These include: Bruce Ware, Robert Peterson, David Wells, Timothy George, and many more.

What can readers do to help Credo Magazine?

Read it! Share it! And of course leave us comments on what you thought.

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