Posted On October 25, 2014

#3: Hosea & Jesus: Mercy, Not Sacrifice[Sermon]

by | Oct 25, 2014 | Hosea

We should always be asking, “How do the New Testament writers interpret the Old Testament?” In our study of Hosea, we find Jesus quoting Hosea 6:6. But what does it mean that God “desires mercy, not sacrifice?” Join Dr. Cosby as he looks at this issue from Matthew 9:9-13.

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#4: The Sovereign Grace of God[Sermon]

#4: The Sovereign Grace of God[Sermon]

Join Dr. Brian Cosby as he looks at Hosea 2:14-23. In this hope-filled passage you'll learn how God reveals himself as the sovereign Lord of all things. His grace and compassion gives the foundation to his people's hope and joy.

#2: Future Judgment & Future Hope[Sermon]

#2: Future Judgment & Future Hope[Sermon]

This is sermon #2 in the Hosea series and looks at Hosea 1:4-11. Today, Dr. Cosby looks at how God tells Hosea to name his children with names that pronounce judgment. Yet, there is a strong message of hope based on God's covenant with his people.


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