David Mathis – Bible Reading is an Art

Alistair Begg – Five Truths About the Holy Spirit

“The Spirit is the parakletos, the one who comes alongside. Jesus said He would “be with you forever … he dwells with you and will be in you” (John 14:16-17). In other words, His ministry is both permanent and personal.”

Tim Challies – 10 Strengths (and 10 Dangers) of Systematic Theology

“Systematic theology is the discipline of looking to the entire Bible to determine what God says about a given topic. It answers the question “What does the whole Bible say about __________ [fill in the blank]?” It is a logical, systematic way of organizing truth. To be skillful, accurate theologians, we need systematic theology, but we must also be aware that its strengths are closely related to its weaknesses.”

Kim Riddlebarger – Why Does God Command Us to Rejoice Always?

“Rejoicing in times of trial is not some meaningless religious ritual in which we focus on how we feel or in which we resolve to be brave. Instead, we are following the example set by Jesus in His own life, death, and resurrection.”

Michael Boling – The Difference Between Knowing God and Knowing God

“As we engage Scripture with our minds, let us never lose sight of the reality that such knowledge must drive us to the feet of our Creator each and every day. The more we know about God the more we should desire to know God. The more theological acute we become, the more it should help us realize we need to also grow more in love with God.”

Kevin Halloran – Ten Questions Christians Should Ask of Their Entertainment

“God wants more from us than amusing ourselves to death (to borrow a phrase from Neil Postman). He wants to be our greatest delight. He wants greater Christ-likeness and abundant lives for His children.”

Donald Whitney – How Do You Pray Without Ceasing?

Servants of Grace is walking through a study of 1 Timothy:

Matthew Adams – The Proper Usage of the Law

Matthew Adams – The Example of Paul

Michael Boling – Yahweh: There is None Like Him

Rick Hanna – Swerving From a Shipwrecked Faith


Andrew Snelling – Thundering Burial

“This is exactly the evidence we would expect to find based on what the Bible says about the Genesis Flood. This fossil graveyard on the Lake Huron coastline of Michigan is thus just another example of the devastation resulting from that catastrophic global Flood.”

Tas Walker – A Preliminary Age Calibration for the Post-Glacial-Maximum Period

“All methods begins with researchers making careful measurements on samples in the present. Then they must make assumptions about the past to calculate an ‘age’. But no one stops there. All researchers compare results with other age information, and adjust assumptions and interpretations until the calculated age makes sense within its context. So, this exercise of converting secular ages to match biblical history simply follows the normal practice of geochronology, but with the great advantage that biblical history is reliable.”

Dr. Joe Francis – The Motor of Life: Design in Nature

“The presence of these nanomachines reveals just a little more detail about our Creator’s imaginative mind. His handiwork shows we are truly “knit together” in fine detail (Psalm 139:13–14, NIV). Like the psalmist, we should recognize His creative genius, worship Him, and spread the news to others who need to know Him.”

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson and Jeffrey Tomkins – Human Origins from Ape-Like Primates or Fully Human People?

“Human evolution from pre-existing apelike creatures is not compatible with the Genesis narrative.”

Oldies but Goodies

Charles Spurgeon – The Hypocrite’s Character

“John Bunyan describes Mercy, Christiana, and the children after having been washed in the bath and sealed with the seal, as coming up out of the water and being all fair and lovely to look upon; and one began to say to the other, “You are fairer than I!” and, “You are more comely than I!” said another. And then each began to bemoan their own spots and to praise the beauty of the others. That is the spirit of a Christian. But the spirit of the hypocrite is the very reverse: he will judge and condemn and punish with lynch-law every other man. And as for himself, he is exempt, he is a king, he knows no law, and his conscience slumbers and allows him to go on easily in the very sins which he condemns in others.”

A. W. Pink – The Scriptures and Christ

“An individual is profited from the Scriptures when they reveal to him his need of Christ.”

A. W. Pink – The Scriptures and Obedience

“God has given us His Word not only with the design of instructing us, but for the purpose of directing us: to make known what He requires us to do.”