Current Events

Russell Moore – Police Shootings, Racial Justice, and the Church

Some pertinent thoughts from Dr. Moore on the recent tragic events plaguing our nation.

“The path ahead will be difficult, but it will require the body of Christ—the whole body of Christ—to call one another to moral awareness and action. That starts with acknowledging we have a problem.”

Tony Carter – What’s Going On?

Another excellent post that gets to the heart of the issues at hand.

“Sin is senseless. It always has been and always will be. The only answer to the senselessness of sin that makes any real sense is Jesus Christ.”

Family Focus:

Tom Ascol – Family Worship for Dummies

This is an area my family continues to desire to implement, yet struggles with immensely. Apologetics begins in the home.

“Leading your family to worship God in your home is a good, God-honoring work. The Lord will honor those who honor Him.”

Tim Challies – 4 Marks of a Godly Husband’s Love

Husbands, this is a great reminder and a short yet great apologetic on what it means to be a godly loving husband.


Ken Ham – Bill Nye Visits the Ark Encounter

I hope to take my family to this impressive display of biblical truth. Bill Nye paid the Ark Encounter a visit and Ken Ham recaps what took place.

Oldies but Goodies

Horatius Bonar – Strong in Doctrine but Coldness Toward Christ

There is definitely times when I fall into this category. One can know God but not really know God.

“Truth is precious, but in itself it is cold. But the glory of the Gospel is this that it carries us up beyond truth to its living fountainhead! No, it brings us into the very bosom of Him who came out of the Father’s bosom and has now returned to it, carrying with Him all those whom the Father has given Him; there, with Him to abide in happy fellowship, world without end!”

Thomas Brooks – Keep Your Heart with all Diligence

A classic yet still salient reminder on the need to keep our hearts focused with all diligence on the things of God.

“The highest and hardest work of a Christian lies with his heart. To reform the heart, to keep the heart in a gracious frame, is one of the best and hardest works in the world.”