Current Issues

Joe Carter – Why it’s so Difficult to Defund Planned Parenthood

“Until there are more pro-life members in the Senate, Planned Parenthood will continue to collect more than $60,000 an hour, every hour of every day of every year, from the American taxpayer.”

Bible Study/Preaching/Family Issues/Apologetics

Kevin DeYoung – Theological Primer: Divine Infinity

“There are a number of ways to categorize the attributes of God, but the most common way is to divide them into God’s incommunicable and communicable attributes. Infinity is one of the incommunicable attributes, meaning this characteristic of God finds no analogy in the human person.”

Jaquelle Crowe – 3 Ways Teens Can Stay Rooted in God’s Word

Danny Akin – How Do You Guard Your Children From Pornography?

W. Robert Godfrey – Can Christians Pray the Imprecations of Psalm 69?

“In thinking about the imprecations, we must not be wiser than God. He shows us in the New Testament as well as the Old that imprecations have their use. What we do need always to remember is that imprecations apply to those who intransigently and unrepentantly persevere in evil against God. They apply especially to those who have known the covenant of God and have knowingly spurned it.”

Tim Challies – The Particular Temptations of Young Men

“What God means to accomplish in young men are rarely great deeds that are visible to the public, but the invisible construction of a foundation of godly character that will serve them for the rest of their lives.”

Matt Smethurst – 5 Christian Clichés that Need to Die

“Speaking biblically isn’t just a matter of truth; it’s an issue of love. God’s words, after all, aren’t just true; they’re also good for the world. May we love our neighbors by stewarding our words, and steward our words by speaking what’s true. For love rejoices with the truth (1 Cor. 13:6).”

David Murray – Three Approaches to Technology

“God is wiser than the wisest tech moguls and has anticipated every development in technology until the end of time. We will never reach a day when we say, “Well, the Bible has run out of truth.””


Michael Oard – Can the Relative Timing of Radioisotope Dates be Applied to Biblical Geology?

“We can speculate in a forensic manner about the rock record, but the boundaries of our speculation must be those of Scripture. It alone provides a completely accurate, if abbreviated, description of those events.”

Andrew Snelling – Key Flaw Found in Radioisotope Isochron Dating

“This discovery and recent presentation of differential isotope diffusion as a key flaw in radioisotope isochron dating is but one more “nail in the coffin” of these radioisotope dating methods. If differential diffusion of isotopes occurs in the rocks and minerals they contain so that plotting of their analysed isotopic ratios produces straight lines indistinguishable from isochrons, then we can never be sure that true isochrons have been obtained and thus correct isochron ages.”

Elizabeth Mitchell – Preservation of Dinosaur Protein Fragments Flies in the Face of Evolution’s Millions-of-Years

“The more we examine their contents, the more the rocks cry out that we should trust the divine Author of the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ.”

Oldies but Goodies

A. W. Pink – The Impregnable Rock

“The contempt with which the Bible is treated demonstrates that human nature is exactly what God’s Word represents it to be — fallen and depraved — and is unmistakable evidence that the carnal mind is enmity against God.”

Louis Gaussen – God-Breathed Scripture

“Its first line, its last line, all its teachings, understood or not understood, are by the same Author; and that ought to suffice for us. Whoever may have been the writers — whatever their circumstances, their impressions, their comprehension of the book, and the measure of their individuality in this powerful and mysterious operation — they have all written faithfully and under superintendence in the same roll, under the guidance of the same Master, for Whom a thousand years are as one day; and the result has been the Bible.”

Richard Greenham – Reading and Understanding the Scriptures

“Those things that God has joined together no man may sever asunder. Therefore, preaching and reading of the Holy Scriptures, being of God joined together in the work of our salvation, may not be severed asunder.”

James Buchanan – The Holy Spirit Enlightening the Mind

“The Word of God is the instrument, the Spirit of God is the agent, in this great work of illumination. The Bible is the textbook, but the Spirit is himself the teacher. He is not only the author of that book, but the interpreter of it also, who guides us into a knowledge of its truths. He puts the Bible into our hands, as a ‘light unto our feet and a lamp unto our path;’ but, knowing that we are naturally blind, and cannot see afar off, he opens our eye and shines into our heart.”