John Tweeddale – A Theology of the Home

“The home front is the forlorn battlefield of the cultural wars. In our strivings to defend the gospel against doctrinal decline in the church and increasing secularism in the culture, we must not forget the importance of cultivating virtue in the home. For the church to remain a city on the hill, the light of the gospel must shine brightly in the home.”

Jeff Vanderstelt – How to Win the War for Your Mind

“Take your thoughts captive and examine them closely. Bring them into submission. Consider the fruit. Then fight back with gospel truths. This is how we go to war.”

Jon Bloom – The Real Root of Sexual Sin

“Freedom is not the freedom to express our pride-fueled sexual desires. Freedom is the humble belief that we are not our own, and therefore not enslaved to our all-consuming pride, but free to be what God created us to be.”

Melissa Kruger – 5 Principles for Disciplining Your Children

“As we seek to be wise in the parenting techniques we use, the most important thing we can do is spend time in the Word and prayer, asking God for guidance. He listens, he understands, and he promises to faithfully provide all the wisdom we need (James 1:5). May we seek him, asking him to be at work in our children’s hearts.”

Michael Boling – Seeking the Face (Paniym) of God

“Seeking God’s face through His word and through prayer will result in a proper relationship with God, a proper perspective towards life, and the movement of the believer from being pĕthiy (foolish, simple, naïve) to being tamiym (mature, complete).”

R. C. Sproul – What If I Don’t Feel Forgiven?

“God has promised that if you confess your sins, He will forgive you of your sins and cleanse you of your unrighteousness. You don’t believe that you’re forgiven because you don’t feel forgiven. What, then, are you trusting—your feelings or the truth of God?””

John MacArthur – Eliminating Spiritual Toxins

“True spiritual nourishment for the believer is God’s Word. However, as Paul told the Corinthians, there is more to God’s Word than just milk (see 1 Corinthians 3:1–2). The milk provides a good start for our spiritual growth but we must also desire meat, the rich spiritual truths that God wants us to have if we are to truly change and become what He wants us to be.”

Jaquelle Crowe – 5 Ways Teenagers Often Waste Their Time

“The gospel changes everything — including how we spend our time. Life is brief, after all. Teenagers can so easily waste it in sinful busyness or laziness or distraction or discontentment.

Or they can use it for Jesus. Living for him means we view our life as his.”

Servants of Grace is walking through a study of 1 Timothy:

Joey Tomlinson – Defining Deacons, Defining Christians

Dave Jenkins – The Great Mystery of Godliness

Dave Jenkins – Where Bad Theology Comes From

Laura Miller – Scheduling the Talk With Yourself

Dave Jenkins – A Portrait of a Young Minister


Peter Line – Den of Ape-men or Chambers of the Sickly?

“The Berger team considers Homo naledi ‘primitive’ in morphology compared to Homo erectus, and so prior to obtaining an age date they maintained that “the H. naledi lineage must have existed earlier than the first occurrence of H. erectus around 1.8 Ma”. In 2016 a phylogenetic study by Dembo et al. reported the most likely age for Homo naledi to be 912 ka. However, studies such as these depend on unfounded assumptions, including assuming evolutionary relationships between fossil species and accepting dates associated with fossil specimens as valid. Also, the study in question restricted the characters used to one anatomical region, the skull (including teeth), making the findings unreliable on this measure alone.”

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson and Jeffrey Tomkins – Why Does Mainstream Scientific Literature Ignore Conclusions from Young-Earth Creationists?

“If evolutionists want to be taken seriously in the origins debate, then they need to do more than make an isolated claim about an obscure species here and there that shows nothing but shifts in existing genetic variation or an isolated benefit due to the loss of genetic information. Instead, they need to give us a comprehensive model, a falsifiable explanation that accounts for the genetics of all species alive today. Science demands no less.”

Dr. Tim Clarey – Dinosaur Fossils Found in Marine Rocks…Again

“Dinosaurs were rapidly buried by the salty Flood waters as they engulfed the continents, mixing the sediments, the ocean creatures and the terrestrial animals together. The evidence for the global Flood is found in the phosphate mines in Morocco and all over the world.”

Oldies but Goodies

Thomas Boston – God’s Decrees Are…

Thomas Boston outlines and defines God’s decrees as evidenced in Scripture.

Thomas Doolittle – What God is to Families

“From what hath been said, I reason in this manner: if God be the Founder, Owner, Governor, and Benefactor of families, then families are jointly to worship God and pray unto Him.”

John Flavel – Father, Forgive Them

“Nothing is more opposite to the true Christian spirit, than implacable fierceness, strife, revenge, tumults and uproars.”