Current Events

Munich Attack: 18-Year-Old German-Iranian Dual Citizen Kills 9 at McDonald’s, Mall

“At least nine people have been killed and 21 wounded after a gunman opened fire on shoppers in the German city of Munich before killing himself. Police have identified the suspect as an 18-year-old German-Iranian dual citizen.””

Travis Wussow – Top Five International Stories of the Week

A breakdown of important international news from this past week.

Bible Study/Preaching/Apologetics

Eric McKiddie – Stop Trying to Make the Bible Relevant to Teenagers

My wife and I had this very discussion with our daughter yesterday. Some great insights here for youth leaders and parents of teenagers.

“Parents, youth pastors, and youth volunteers need to learn how to put the Bible’s relevance on display for students like this. Again, this isn’t to be confused with the lame efforts to make the Bible relevant. It’s the difference between adding relevance versus drawing out relevance, like the difference between adding cream and sugar to diner coffee versus bringing out the intense flavors of a French Press.”

John Piper – Philippians 4:6–7: The Heart of Fearless Contentment

“Satisfied hearts are strong hearts that can flex courage in the face of danger. ”

George Guthrie – 4 Simple Steps for Doing Bible Word Studies

“What word studies do, therefore, is help us probe the possible meanings of a term. This can aid our understanding of a passage significantly.”

Gavin Ortlund – 5 Principles for Studying the Trinity

The trinity has been a hot button topic of late. Gavin Ortlund provides some helpful words on studying this subject matter.

“Jonathan Edwards wrote in his Personal Narrative, “God has appeared glorious to me, on account of the Trinity. It has made me have exalting thoughts of God that he subsists of three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.” May it be with us as we study this awesome doctrine.”


Simon Turpin – The Enduring Authority of Scripture, Really?

I have not yet had a chance to read and review the book Turpin discuses; however, after reading this review, it might be next on my list. I will be interested to see if I come to the conclusion as noted below:

“While there are many positive aspects about the book, the chapter on Science and Scripture ironically undermines the very purpose of the book: defending the authority of Scripture.”

Nathaniel Jeanson – Getting Enough Genetic Diversity: How Species Arose After the Ark

“Combined with the fact that species can recover enormous population sizes in very short amounts of time, in addition to the fact that the vast majority of DNA sequences within a creature appear to be functional, these results demonstrate that millions of species in a few thousand years is not only plausible, it is also probable.”

Oldies but Goodies

Charles Spurgeon – Every Sin has to be Slaughtered…Not One of Them may be Spared!

“Everything that is of nature; yes, and of your fallen nature when it is at its best; has to be put under the feet of Christ that Divine Grace may reign over every form of evil.”

Octavius Winslow – Take Your Sorrow to the Word of God

“Oh, thank God for the comfort and consolation of the Scripture! Open it with what sorrow and burden and perplexity you may, be it the guilt of sin, the pressure of trial, or the corrodings of sorrow, it speaks to the heart such words of comfort as God only could speak.”