Current Issues

Joe Carter – Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Major Religious Liberty Case

“The outcome of the case will determine whether the government can discriminate against religious organizations and exclude them from receiving a generally available public benefit simply because they are religious.”

Bible Study/Preaching/Family Issues/Apologetics

Thomas Schreiner – Do Paul and James Disagree on Justification by Faith Alone?

“Why do Paul and James sound so different? Why does it appear at first glance they contradict? We need to remember that letters were written to specific situations facing specific churches. Paul wrote to churches where people were tempted to trust in their works for salvation, while James wrote to those who were disposed to think intellectual assent could save them.”

Mark Johnston – The ‘More and More’ of Holiness

“The God we worship is the ‘consuming fire’ whose patience with hypocrites comes at the bottom of the list of the kind of people from whom he withholds what they really deserve. This should make us tremble. But he is also the God who extends mercy and grace to even the worst of hypocrites who are willing to humbly acknowledge their failures and truly seek his pardon and help.”

Michael Horton – Glorious Traitors

“Secular humanism has no way of explaining either the greatness or the tragedy of human existence. However, the biblical story of creation and the fall provides the basis for affirming both human dignity and depravity. We are born into the world “in Adam,” that is, as glorious traitors.”

Michael Boling – Literary Analysis of Judges 13

“The author of Judges utilized various literary devices to drive home an important and timeless theological message, namely that God desires obedience and despite our frailties as sinners, God still desires to use us if we place our faith and trust in His son Jesus Christ.”

Jared Longshore – Acknowledging God

“How good it is for us to consider our limitations. It is an act of sovereign grace when a man comes to see his own limitations. That is the man who will acknowledge God in all his affairs.”

Tony Reinke – 3 Reasons We’re Addicted to Digital Distraction

“The philosophical maxim, “I think, therefore I am,”9 has been replaced with a digital motto, “I connect, therefore I am,”10 leading to a status desire: “I am ‘liked,’ therefore I am.”

Matthew Holst – The Wisdom of Sex

“Perhaps now, more than ever, Christians need wisdom to process the multitude of temptations to sexual sin with which they are confronted. While it is true that sexual sin has always been a problem in the church, there should be little doubt that the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life are a seemingly ubiquitous danger for Christians today.”


Cheri Williams – Life in a Test-tube

“God said that we would clearly be able to see His power and divinity in nature (Romans 1:20). The origin of life is mysterious only to the one who has been exposed to all the facts, but ignores them in the hope of finding a ‘God-free’ solution.”

Timothy Clarey – Examining the Floating Forest Hypothesis: A Geological Perspective

“When examined against available geological data, the floating forest hypothesis is found to lack explanatory ability. Instead, a return to studies of pre-Flood paleogeography and plant zonation to explain the coal beds is suggested.”

Dr. Kevin Anderson – Salivary Protein: Evolution or Just Adaptation?

“The biblical creation model proposes that the creator pre-programmed the capacity for change (even rapid change) within organisms. As suggested by this recent study, tandem repeats within different species may even enable them to adapt to a changing array of pathogens. Thus, variation of tandem repeats of segments within pre-existing genes fits within a biblical creation model. In contrast, this variation of repeats offers no insight into an evolutionary origin of any salivary gene and is simply an example of adaptive variation.”

Oldies but Goodies

A. W. Pink – The Scriptures and Sin

“A man’s moral life may be irreproachable, his dealings with his fellows faultless; but when the Holy Spirit applies the Word to his heart and conscience, opening his sin-blinded eyes to see his relation and attitude to God, he cries, “Woe is me, for I am undone” (Isa 6:5).”

John Flavel – Keeping in the Heart In Seasons of Abuse from Others

“The spirit that is in us lusts to revenge; but it must not be so. We have choice helps in the Gospel to keep our hearts from sinful motions against our enemies, and to sweeten our embittered spirits.”

James Haldane – The Doctrine and Duty of Self-Examination

“If self-examination be properly conducted, the result will always be a deep sense of our sinfulness and a growing conviction of our constant need of pardoning mercy.”