Current Events

Egypt’s New Church Law Fails to Protect Christians Who Are ‘Attacked With Impunity,’ Human Rights Group Warns

“A human rights group has warned that despite the passage of a new law in Egypt that aims to protect churches, long-standing restrictions on church construction remains in place, and little is being done to guarantee that radicals who attack Christians will be punished.”

Archbishop of Wales Claims the Bible Supports ‘Committed Gay Relationships’ in Final Address

“The departing Archbishop of Wales, Barry Morgan, used his final address to reignite the gay marriage debate by arguing that just as there are a number of different views on controversial subjects in the Bible, there is a way to interpret committed gay relationships as being acceptable in the eyes of God.”

Bible Study/Preaching/Apologetics

R. C. Sproul – Does Prayer Change God’s Mind?

“All that God does is for His glory first and for our benefit second. We pray because God commands us to pray, because it glorifies Him, and because it benefits us.”

Sam Bierig – Reading for the Rest of Us

Same Bierig provides six helpful ways for reading more books. The article is aimed at those who have a desire to read but are so busy they cannot seem to find the time in their schedule to “sit down” with a book.

Scott Slayton – How to Tame Your Tongue

A must read article for all of us on how to tame the tongue.

Michael Boling – Social Media Addiction

Do you find yourself addicted to social media? I humbly admit I am more often than not. This article addresses the addiction and solutions to prying yourself away from social media when it has overcome your very existence.

Servants of Grace has embarked on a study of the book of Ephesians. I encourage you to check out what was posted this past week:

Dave Jenkins- The Indescribable Joy of Peace and Fellowship with Jesus, the Chief Cornerstone of the Church

Dave Jenkins- The Mystery of the Gospel Revealed

James Forbis – Paul’s Greatest Desire

Dave Jenkins – Glory to God Forevermore


Ken Ham – Conflict Between the Classrooms

“Christian leaders representing the Church need to stand up in this nation and condemn the compromise with the pagan religion of the age (millions of years/evolution — the pagan religion of the age to explain life without God) and stand for God’s authoritative Word.”

Bodie Hodge – Is Science Secular?

“Many people today insist that science can only be done by people who have a secular worldview. Such statements are blatantly absurd and are a type of arbitrary fallacy called an “ignorant conjecture.””

Roger Patterson – It All Adds Up

“To be sure, all who trust in Christ alone for salvation are secure, even if they believe in an old earth. But if you can’t trust God’s Word on the age of the earth, why should you trust it when it tells you Jesus rose from the dead? The same skeptical scientists who say the earth is 4.5 billion years old would tell you dead men don’t rise from the grave days later. So who are you going to trust?”

Oldies but Goodies

Stephen Charnock – The Existence and Attributes of God

A free .pdf version of Charnock’s classic work.

William Gouge – The Christlike Husband

All you husbands out there, this is a must read. A free .pdf version of this helpful book by Puritan author William Gouge.

J. C. Ryle – Holiness

This is a free .pdf version of one of my favorite books by J. C. Ryle.