Justin Buzzard – Create a Plan to Date Your Wife

“Husbands who learn to be intentional with their marriage, just as they are in other domains of life, can be used of God to bring fresh flourishing to their one-flesh union.”

Paul Tripp – Why Are Stories In The Bible?

“To believe that God is Creator is to believe that your life does not belong to you but to him – that he owns every one of us, and that we only ever live properly when we live in submission to him and inside of the boundaries of his plan for us.”

Micah and Tracy Fries – Adoption: The Good and Hard Lessons

“Adoption is the hardest thing we have ever done. It’s tougher than living in the bush of Africa with no electricity and running water in 100+ degree weather or following God to 13 different addresses in 16 years of marriage. Adoption is hard. But the Lord is good, and he continues to teach and reveal more of himself to us through this child who sometimes doesn’t want to be loved by us, who may resist our kisses, attempts at hugs or wanting to put our arm around him. How much more does God love us when we resist him? There’s so much of the gospel in adoption, and we want to live it out well.”

Geoffrey Kirkland – Diagnosing & Mortifying the Sin of Complaining

“The sin of complaining is one of those “respectable sins.” That is, it’s one that’s hardly spoken about, seldom preached against, and still less frequent, a sin with which Christians persistently wage violent war. Complaining is ugly. Complaining is one of the most commonest and frequent sins that’s almost as easy to find and common as the air we breathe.”


Marshall Segal – 10 Things You Should Know about Dating

“More and more, as the world is watering down dating, your relationship can be a provocative picture of your fidelity to Christ and a call to follow him.”

R. C. Sproul – Loving God with Our Minds

“To pursue God with our minds simply for intellectual enjoyment and without the ultimate purpose of loving and worshiping Him is to miss what it means to love Him with our minds. True knowledge of God always bears fruit in greater love for God and a greater desire to praise Him. The more we know Him, the more glorious He will appear to us. And the more glorious He appears to us, the more inclined we will be to praise Him, to honor Him, to worship Him, and to obey Him.”

Clint Archer – Saving Lies: Schindler and the Hebrew Midwives

“So let me be clear: it is always a sin to deliberately deceive someone by telling a lie.

We need to be willing to resist authorities who tell us to sin, and we need to be willing to take the unjust penalty that resistance attracts. That is what Peter did when he boldly told the authorities that he would not obey men rather than God.”

Joel Beeke – Puritan Preachers: Richard Sibbes

“Thus, Sibbes makes preaching a thoroughly experiential work, a vital triangle drawing together Christ, the preacher, and the hearers. It is a net thrown wide to catch the nations and a wooing of souls by the agent of a heavenly Lover.”

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Keaton Halley – Foliage in Fast Forward

“The creation days of Genesis 1 clearly must be the 24-hour kind, since the context constrains the meaning — each day consists of an ‘evening’ and a ‘morning’, for example, and the days are listed in a numbered sequence.2 So the plants made on Day 3 must have developed within a single day’s timeframe — they did indeed blossom and bloom with supernatural speed.”

Benno Zuiddam – Battle for the Bible in the Early Church

“Despite the onslaught of Greek science and scholarship, the church was able to appreciate the Bible as the reliable Word of God from a very early stage. Their response was not the ‘god of the gaps’, or a vastly reduced Bible, but an intellectually integrated Scriptural worldview.”

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson – Finding Adam in the Genome: A Response to Chapter 1 of Adam and the Genome

“Experiments, not silence, are the way to test scientific hypotheses. In up-and-coming fields like modern genetics, evolutionary arguments from silence have a very bad track record.”

Oldies but Goodies

Samuel Bolton – Sin: The Greatest Evil

“Most of all, other evils are only outward. They are only such as are on the body, the estate, the name; but sin is an inward evil, an evil upon the soul, which is the greatest of evils.”

Thomas Watson – A Heinous, Execrable Thing

“Sin is not only a defection, but a pollution. It is to the soul as rust is to gold, as a stain is to beauty. It makes the soul red with guilt and black with filth.”

William Plumer – Sin: An Infinite Evil

“All rebellion tends to the utter subversion of the government against which it is committed; and all sin is rebellion against the government of God.”

A. W. Pink – What is Sin?

“All sin is a breach of the eternal standard of equity. But it is more than that: it reveals an inward enmity that gives rise to the outward transgression. It is the bursting forth of that pride and the self-will that resents restraint, that repudiates control, that refuses to be under authority, that resists rule.”