Here are the top eleven blog posts on Servants of Grace for November 2013:

1): How to Care for your Pastor by Dave Jenkins

2): The Intolerance of Tolerance by Dave Jenkins

3):  Prosperity, Persecution and the Sovereignty of God by Dave Jenkins

4) Reading for Breadth by Brian Hedges

5) Feeling like the walking dead by Sarah Jenkins

6)  Reading for Depth by Brian Hedges

7) Stewardship Part Two: Seek the Kingdom by C. Walter

8 A Call To Ministry is a Call to Bleed by Jared Moore

9) Book Review: 5 Points Reviewed by Dr. Brian Cosby

10) 10 Readable Puritans by Mike Leake

11) Dealing with the pornification of society by Mike Boling

For fun here are the top 5 podcasts for this month on Servants of Grace:

1) Podcast: Christian Faithfulness and biblical sexuality by Dave Jenkins

2) Podcast: Author Interview:  What is biblical theology by Jim Hamilton Interview by Shaun Tabatt

3) Podcast: Author Interview: The Bible’s Big Story by Jim Hamilton Interview by Shaun Tabatt

4)  Sermon: Faith Trusting God’s Plan by Dave Jenkins from Hebrews 11:20-22

5) Podcast: Author Interview Vance Christie Adoniram Judson Devoted For Life. Interview by Shaun Tabatt